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Aside from the tummy issues, we did have a great time in Ptown for Bear Week. I mentioned the events I hosted in a previous post (that took me a while to write up for some reason...).

We met TONS of new people and got to see people we hadn't seen in a long while, such as [livejournal.com profile] texwriterbear, [livejournal.com profile] slothel, and [livejournal.com profile] delmarmar Also in attendance were [livejournal.com profile] profundis (apparently - didn't get a chance to meet up), [livejournal.com profile] thetarnishedowl, [livejournal.com profile] mat_t (I think), [livejournal.com profile] faghatesgods & [livejournal.com profile] mondragon (Matthew saw them  both on separate days from afar),
We got to meet [livejournal.com profile] dewittar and [livejournal.com profile] fishfin for the first time in person!!  Very happy we were able to meet up and connect.  When I first encountered Rodney and Allen, they both looked so different in 3D than in 2D. Plus, I hadn't expected such pleasanly homey southern accents to come out of them like they have!  Very enchanting couple.

The day we were together at Vorelli's for bloody Marys, the power kept failing throughout the Cape from allowed brownouts. One of the cooling towers at the nearest nuclear plant wasn't cooling as quickly, so they diverted all the power for cooling to one cooling tower and shut the second off, which took some time and created brownouts.

Even still, we got to see some shows, including Miss Richfield 1981, one of our favorites! Those tickets were for Matthew's birthday gift. And we were both well enough to have a nice dinner at the Crown & Anchor and then head to the show! She never disappoints and always brings in some fresh, unexpected stuff. Very fun!
So, yes, we got to experience a lot of what makes Bear Week great: friends, shows, dinners, Tea Dance, and evening dances. But, we just took it all a lot slower than in years past. PLUS, the ultimate greatest thing was that I had no back pain like in 2012.

On the second and last Saturday of Bear Week, we decided to stay till around dinner time. The previous times we had been to Ptown in the off season, we discovered that leaving later in the day allowed everyone else to get off the highway. Our drive went from 7-9 hours (with everyone else leaving the Cape) down to a normal 4.5-5 hour drive home.  We spent the day shopping around, which we didn't do during the week, and spending time with a couple of friends of ours from NYC.
Fun times were had by all! Yay for vacation, Bear Week, and GREAT FRIENDS!!  We're already looking forward toward next year's Bear Week in 2014!!
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Bear Week 2013 is over. Well, at least the in-person experience.

The Beginning of OUR Bear Week
Our vacation started off with the "exciting", long, soul-sucking drive through Connecticut, as usual, no matter what time we leave on Friday. There are always road blocks, construction sites, traffic, delays without explanation, and then SUDDENLY everything clears up around exits 72 or 86 right around a nearby prison (there are 93 exits in CT on I-95 and WE start before exit 1...).
In the car ride, we munched on baked sesame sticks (YUM!!), grapes, pork sandwiches that Matthew had made the night before (EXTRA YUM!), rice chips (blech), Chinese crackers, and peanuts. We brought only filtered and seltzer waters with us to drink all the way up, but didn't drink a lot of it. Matthew was happy that we didn't feel the need to stop to go to the bathroom, since we weren't drinking that much.  We checked into the Gifford House for the Friday night by about 8:30 - a 7-hour drive for what should normally take about 5 hours.  Thanks, Connecticut!  We were mellowing over a martini at the Porch Side Bar at the Gifford House by 9:15PM and stayed there till about midnight. We were tired, so went to bed; Matthew had a small tummy ache when we got to the room.

Matthew's Birthday
At 5 AM, Matthew woke me up to tell me to call for an ambulance. He hadn't slept much the previous 2 hours because of major abdominal pain that had woken him up. He felt that he had an abdominal obstruction. The EMT who heard Matthew's description said, "It's probably his gall bladder," which seemed really off - Matthew's never had gall bladder issues and our regular diet is perfect for a healthy gall bladder.
By 5:30 AM, distraught and bleary-eyed, I stood watching the love of my life get into the vehicle, knowing he'd be on the road for no less than an hour to the nearest hospital down the Cape. I had to stay behind to move our stuff from the Gifford House to the condo across the street and get things settled for the week, which I did. We wouldn't hear his prognosis till about 9 or 10. It took them 2+ hrs to admit him and then he went for an ultra-sound. They found gall stones, but nothing to report in his abdomen; there was no infection and he had no fever - just pain. The doctors from hell didn't prescribe any pain medication for him or anti-biotics. Nothing. They wanted to remove his gall bladder - FOR NO REASON! So, he promptly grabbed the CD from his ultra-sound and made a mad dash back to Provincetown in a cab.

Three Cheers For Equality!!
I will say this: I was greatly encouraged by the Massachusetts health care system and the level of equality/acceptance I experience in MA - on a regular basis.  At about 10:30 am, I called the hospital to check up on Matthew, because the last text at that point from him was, "I'm running out of blood, TTYL!" I called and said, "My partner was admitted there at 6:30 this morning and I would like to speak with his nurse about his status and why his blood is running out." They put me right through to Matthew's nurse, Frank, who gave me an update.

Once I hung up, Frank went to Matthew and introduced himself and relayed my information; Matthew had not met his nurse until I called asking for information - WHICH I GOT WITHOUT QUESTION!! But, because I, his partner, called to check up on Matthew, his nurse got more on the ball - Matthew wasn't alone. I can pretty much guarantee that that experience would not happen in any of the states that currently do not recognize same-sex couples as equal in the eyes of the law - no matter what the hospital employee-patient manuals say.

My Matthew was safely and soundly back in my arms by 3 PM. I had gone shopping for all our food, including vodka and rum. I had everything set up for him for his birthday - all the decorations throughout the house - and set up his suitcase, hanging shirts, and our Internet for the week, so that we'd be WiFi-enabled.  He didn't have to lift a finger. Instead, we both took a nice, long nap and went to Tea Dance by 5:30.  Then we had dinner at the Red Inn and enjoyed a slice of cake that I had delivered from Relish Bakery down the street.
BEAR WEEK 201322-smaller
Steve's Events
For this Bear Week, my Facebook group suggested some get-togethers and I picked two to host: One on Sunday for the Facebook group at large, and one on Monday for the "Bear Week Virgins" to meet some veterans.  The Sunday morning coffee house get-together went over GREAT. Matthew and I wore t-shirts that we had made with the logo of the group that Matthew constructed. I had also gotten a huge banner made up for the events and hung that up, too.  Over the course of about 2.5 hours, about 50+ people made their way by us for the get-together out of about 200+ people who'd responded as "Going!". A 25% turnout is pretty successful.
IMG_4907 1373812870920 20130717_171909
Monday's turnout at the Aqua Bar was about the same and I was very happy to introduce people to a bar that seems to get lost in the shuffle between all the other bars in town. The Aqua Bar has great views of the bay and the wharves, as well as other bars' decks.  For this event, we wore the t-shirts, I hung the banner, and I passed out Pride beads; I had bought 4 bags of 6 dozen beaded necklaces; I gave out 1.5 bags at the Monday event, which was about 85-100 necklaces.  That means about 33-50% of the people who responded came!!  Even more successful - and some people from the Sunday event came to the Monday one, which was even better.  The bartenders (Brecken and Morgan - loving their names) made up a summery, fruity cocktail special for the event.  But, I didn't drink any alcohol on Monday, which I'll explain next.

Steve's Tummy
Sunday evening after Tea, we went out to dinner with some friends. I was playing it "safe" by ordering mussels, a salad, and a Provincetown staple: fish soup. That dinner at 7:30 pm was practically all I had eaten all day except some store-bought hummus late in the afternoon.  Sunday night I could tell something wasn't right and it seemed that I had eaten something bad.  By Monday around noon, just before my "Like A Bear Week Virgin" event, I started feeling odder and a little queasy. By the time the event was over, I really needed to be back at the apartment because I was getting delirious and dizzy.  So, we went back and we took a 2-hour nap, skipping Tea.

We had dinner reservations for 7 pm at one of our favorite restaurants, Ross' Grill.  Every hot appetizer or entree I saw on the menu made me feel nauseous.  So, we ordered the raw bar (which for some reason didn't disgust me) and I got a salad as an entree.  Matthew got the mussels and chicken (he felt fine) and I ended up not finishing my half of the BEAUTIFUL and delicious raw bar or my salad. The waitress brought me ginger ale after ginger ale and then THAT made me ill.

When we got home, my tummy was really bad, but nothing was moving. I got a fever in the restaurant and it got up to around 101.8 at one point in the evening. I dozed off and on for 3 hours and went to bed around midnight. The fever broke around 2:30 and I ended up sleeping till around 9 AM Tuesday and napped from 11:30-1:00.  I didn't feel like eating anything at all and by no means was I drinking alcohol.  I ended up not having any alcohol for three days!

Matthew's Tummy
Matthew started getting my symptoms from Sunday by Tuesday evening after dinner of Greek salad with chicken. That night we had another salad and chicken gyros because we were both kind of hungry. His tummy ache and fever kicked in later Wednesday afternoon. We both made sure that his tummy aches were definitely not the same as the ones from Saturday. We were quadruple-booked for Wednesday evening events and parties. I went to Tea on his insistence, and came back with a light dinner for us both at home by 6pm.  Matthew insisted that I go out and have fun with some folks, so I went out for about 2 hours, checking on his temp from time to time, which held steady at around 100 degrees (thankfully, less than mine). I brought him back some Tylenol and by midnight, his temp was down to almost normal.

A Godsend - All Tummy Issues Aside
In the end, Matthew and I spent a lot of time together this last vacation, making sure the other was on the mend and back on his feet. Since I got my new job in May, we've both been feeling lots of separation anxiety and the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) of each other's presence.  We haven't spent this much time apart for almost the last 5 years!! So, having time together on a vacation, where we usually are out and about all day in town spending time with friends, we would have felt like we spent no time together. In a way, it was a godsend that we got food poisoning.

It might be strange to say, but there's no one I'd rather be sick with than Matthew and he feels the same way. We take care of each other and know each other's needs. The main thing I never want to experience again is watching him leave in an ambulance by himself.  That was probably the worst and most helpless I've felt in a long, long time.  No matter how much he insisted that we had to do it that way and no matter how it all turned out, it was awful. Seeing my love, in pain, leaving without me to an unknown place with unfamiliar people was awful.

All in all, we relish in the fact that we did, actually, have a great time!!
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I choose to reject the concept of rain or clouds for the upcoming first 5 days of Bear Week in Provincetown. Reject it, I say!!  The winds are going to come from out of nowhere, baffle meteorologists all over Massachussetts, and sweep away all the bad stuff. The temps will remain tame between 80 & 85 degrees every day with evening lows between 72 & 75.  I think that'll make for a beautiful WONDERFUL vacation. That's the story and I'm sticking to it!
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Well, we're off tomorrow for a second round of Ptown in the off season. The trip should be fun and still pretty low-key in town. Last weekend was the event, Out of Hibernation, which is a bear run during the St. Patrick's Day weekend. I heard it was pretty fun and they had some great fundraisers around town.  We're done packing and getting ready for everything, including our hair cuts, which we'll get tomorrow morning.

Matthew's hair has to be at about the same length as a month ago.  He's doing a scene this time that precedes (in the story's time line) that he shot a month ago.  Between walking from the street into a bar, his hair can't all of a sudden appear shorter than it was outside. That would be really funny! Never know, though; I might be called in last minute to be background! That'd be cool.

Here's the weather forecast for the next few days.  I'm hoping that it's not as wet as is predicted; last time was snowy and wet enough!!  I'm also hoping that maybe we could get into a different town, say on Sunday, like Wellfleet. They have GREAT oysters from there this year. They're HUGE and delicious.
Fullscreen capture 3202013 80634 PM.bmp
One of the best things about this trip is that we're leaving on Thursday this time, so will have Friday in town and then the weekend. Traffic (knock on wood) will be better than on a Friday through Connecticut going up and returning in the evening should be a breeze; at least it was last time.
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For those who know and love Provincetown or others who are intrigued, here's a collection of photos I took last weekend whilst up there with Matthew, who was shooting an episode of Off Season (which is a TV show about Ptown without tourists).  It was a FANTASTIC time to be there!!  Relaxing, interesting, light, and very fun!  We really enjoyed the 6 days we were there. Funny enough, it didn't feel like we had been there for 6 days. For Bear Week, we're there for about 8 days... and even then it doesn't feel like 8 days. But, being this was Off Season, you'd think it would have been ultra boring and hard to get through. But, on the contrary, it was really interesting. Totally different view of the town, area, and people for sure.  Enjoy!!

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The subject covers two aspects of Ptown: 1) Provincetown, MA, in the winter when tourists aren't around... and 2) Matthew acting in an episode of a TV show called Off Season.
It's exciting to be in Ptown in the winter! We had a big, blustery, SNOWY winter storm Sunday - all day. And we made the absolute best of the day. We got up late and played on our pads for a while. The snow outside piled up to about 10"!!  Eventually, I dug us out to the road. Not a big deal, since the snow was fresh and light. But I had a small, trunk-ready shovel, so I had to be careful not to throw out my back. :-)
On Saturday, we drove around and took pictures, but it was dreary and rainy. We had our postponed anniversary dinner at Ross's Grille, which was fantastic! To drink, we had a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay. For dinner, it was raw oysters first, then locally sourced, sauteed mussels & clams - delicious broths! Our entrees were the Cape Cod Seafood Stew.  The Off Season dictates what restaurants stay open throughout the season, and which ones close for a while after the tourist season and WHEN they close before the tourist season starts up again.  Ross's Grille closed the day after our meal and we were served the last mussels, clams, and stews that they had. We really lucked out!
Sunday night, our dinner was at the Bistro @ Crowne Pointe, which is less than a block up the hill and has GREAT views of the Pilgrims' Monument, the Town Hall, and other historic buildings. We had Cake Chardonnay with deviled eggs, Italian bread, steamed mussels, and New England clam chowder for apps. Then, of course, we HAD to have a New England steamed lobster. Really great dinner, too.
Both nights we took in the "leftover" Ptown nightlife, which was light but fun and totally cozy. Most bars have a warm, cozy and glowing fireplace. The fireplaces reminded me of places in Germany, Austria, and Prague.
All throughout the weekend and in the weeks leading up to today, Matthew & I have been running over his lines over and over again.  It's been really fun.
Monday, we relaxed and got Matthew ready for one of his scenes. The shoot started at 3pm, so I drove around Ptown on my own to take pictures of the town with the snow. It was a bit disappointing because the incessant high winds blew away most of the snow in the course of the day.
I think I got some really great shots that capture the winter Provincetown, which most of the people that come to Bear Week every summer never see or can imagine.  Matthew hadn't messaged or called that he was done, so I went to the Governor Bradford pub for a glass of Chardonnay.  I had never been in that bar before; it's quite old and charming in its own right but I think there's no A/C in the summer, which is always the first and major deterrent.
While sipping my wine at the bar, I had probably the funniest experience ever by myself in Ptown - EVER!!: 4 fishermen in from their boats at the corner of the bar trying to outdo each other with their impressions of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. It was so difficult not to even crack a smile in the hopes that they wouldn't stop on my account and that they might take on other characters with their (pretty decent) impressions.
I made my way to the location of the shoot taking place in a restaurant that was new to us, Sage. Matt did an excellent acting job; members of the crew were very impressed and came to me tell me they were. *happy dance*
So, this trip we went to places and areas of town that we'd never visited before. We went to the Shipwrecked Lounge, the Porchside Lounge, The Little Bar at A-House, the Governor Bradford bar, the Squealing Pig, Sage, the town's US Post Office, the very end of Commercial St, and areas of the Province Lands and National Parks that were new to us.
All in all it's been amazing trip and it does not feel like 6 days. Given our druthers, Matt and I would probably want to stay until Sunday but he has to get back and teach on Thursday evening. Can't wait to review and post some pictures of Ptown in the winter!

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Tonight on the way up the Cape to Provincetown, we both saw  a very bright falling star off in the distance.  It was really romantical and stuff.  We both sent out our separate wishes, but I'm fairly certain they weren't too different.  :-)
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My sciatica is still ever-present, but I'm making the best of the week. I'm still on a therapeutic cocktail of meds to get through the week not completely bed-ridden or handicapped,  for which I'm very thankful.


On the way home from a dance party, though, (alas, I can't dance this week) a friend of mine from Montreal saw Matt and me walking down the street. Normally, during Bear Week, I'm really playful and very active.  This year, I'm not.  :-(


My friend from Montreal didn't know about my sciatica.  He started to charge me. Matt moved to the side not thinking about the outcome until I started screaming, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" The guy's impact wasn't that great, but I'd tensed up at the same time that Matt was trying to pull the guy away.


The guy felt so bad, when he realized that I was serious.  Wasn't his fault; he was being friendly as normal. No harm to existing problems was done but my left side was in slight pain from tensing up quickly.  :-(


All in the name of fun and frolic, but I really hope I wake up without new pain.  Could have been worse had Matt not been there.  :-)

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... otherwise known as "returning to a bland world".

Bear Week is amazing. People stop short of the word, "amazing," and think, "Can it really be 'amazing' like everyone says?" If you've been, you'd know and comprehend.

Consider these things
The build-up is at least 2 months prior to your arrival. The overall planning can take about 1 week, but earlier in the year around January when you schedule your accommodations, travel, vacation schedule with work (yes, 6 months ahead of time). Other things, like clothes shopping, planning get-togethers (birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc.) during the week can take a full 4-6 months.

If you're going to be a vendor at Bear Market, you're planning your most exciting merchandise additions 6-9 months in advance and then making enough for the event. Then you plan your table layout, payment options for customers, and ship your goods to Provincetown. If you're DJing at an event or planning a show during Bear Week, you're creating posters at least 6 months in advance and posting information everywhere on the web, including Facebook and the Bear Week in Provincetown group (i.e. don't worry if you're not an "official" event sponsored or supported by the Ptown Bears; there are plenty more things to do than are "official" events).

Once you arrive
However you get to Provincetown, you arrive. That arrival is met with friends in town greeting you up and down Commercial Street. If you don't know anyone in town yet, within 10-15 minutes, you will notice someone somewhere in town smiling at you (and I don't mean at a store). You may even pat a belly, do a belly bump in the street, or just exchange a few laughs. This process of greeting people on Commercial Street and seeing people you've met grows exponentially throughout the week and EVERYONE is smiling, laughing, and having a good time.

You check into your accommodations, get settled for the week, and head to the Boatslip Tea Dance at 4PM on Saturday - the first Saturday of Bear Week. BUY YOUR BOATSLIP PASS for the week. Fill in your fun as it happens. Make sure you take pictures or have pictures taken of you.

The Week
Fun happens and you define that fun. Eat, shop, drink (start after 12PM!), shop, go to an event, get together with friends (the same or different ones) daily, eat, drink, dance, and sing. Oh, and eat, drink, get together with friends, etc. Repeat cycle for 7-9 days.

Your return trip home starts when you get on the ferry to Boston or turn down 6A out of town toward a long, possibly empty straight road. On your trip home, start the very slow process of coming down back to reality, as much as you want to hold onto the amazing Bear Week you had.

You have to remember (as the Firemen's Ball music still echoes in your head!) that not everyone in your home town (or any town you drive through) is as happy as you've been for 7-9 days. Many of them have families, friends, or jobs with varying degrees of stress.

Other reality checks
- Not everyone will greet you with genuine gusto and excitement.
- Most people will not hug you in the street.
- You will not see handsome, burly men walking hand-in-hand.
- You might have to return to work within a couple of days of getting home.

How to deal
- Get in touch with friends who were there.
- Look through and post pictures.
- Journal your experiences at Bear Week - what did you do and who did you meet?
- Find the music you tagged (via Shazam) on the dance floor; play it loud for about a week after your return.
- Get other men to come to Bear Week the next year.
- Start planning your next year's vacation in Provincetown during Bear Week!

Get back to reality and look forward to the next year's fun and excitement.

Bear Week gets better EVERY YEAR! And the recovery gets evermore difficult. If you have more ideas for recovery, please submit comments below.


Jul. 17th, 2011 01:42 am
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This video proves that we had a good time at Bear Week in Provincetown this year. First, we re-discovered Broadway Tuesday at the Wave Bar (Matt, of all people, reminded me about it!). I screamed and yelled and hooted and hollered for about 2 hours. Sang songs at the top of my lungs and bawled my eyes out into Matt's chest at Susan Boyle's first performance on Britain's Got Talent of "I Had Dream".

The next night, I had the ENTIRE WAVE BAR (= 200+ men) singing "Happy Birthday" to Matt, but ultimately had to bite the bullet and sing a song: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. My premiere of that song was in New Orleans ([livejournal.com profile] cajuncountry and [livejournal.com profile] jefferzephyr weren't around for that performance) at Lafitte's. Alas, the Ptown performance should have ended more abruptly, but the drag queen made me finished the frigging song - my voice gave out in the middle and I had to finish it sounding like Harvey Fierstein doing a scene from a Jewish Gray Gardens. The next day, I had to whisper almost everything. AND IT WAS SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!

More later, but thought you'd all enjoy this.
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This song is getting my butt moving today:

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Well, after long last, I'm posting a little something. Haven't really been in the mood lately much, but here's something that's in the works.

Matt, me, and his sister's family are all heading to Europe for a couple of weeks this summer. We're all really looking forward to it, too! As I've written before, we've traveled with them before to L.A., Disney World/Land (3x), the Bahamas, and around NY / NJ. They're a fun bunch and we always have fun. Matt and I also find time to break a way a little for our own time together, too, which is important to the travel health of the bunch of us.

This trip will be interesting. Thanks to me and my big mouth, we're taking a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Ephesus and back for 11 days (we're getting off the boat in Naples). Before the cruise, I'm hoping that Matt and I can get to Barcelona for a few days. Once we get off the boat, we'll head to Peschici to spend a few days with Matt's and his sister's family for a few days on the beach - on the spur of the boot.

Here's a look at our cruise with the ports of call:

I haven't been to Europe in about 2 years, and am really looking forward to this trip! The ship looks beautiful and I really enjoy cruises. I also don't tend to gain a lot of weight on them because we're always on the go when we're at port.

Before that trip, though, we're already set for Bear Week 2011 in Provincetown, of course. It's our favorite vacation ever. This year, we're VERY excited that [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim and [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu are coming out for it, too! Really looking forward to spending a week with those wonderful men. BTW, who else is coming to Ptown for Bear Week?

Somehow with all this traveling, I feel like I'm playing hooky from my profession(s), but in the end, it's my life. In the end, if I have the time and the funds, I should use them. Goodness knows, I'm not getting any younger! Once in a while, I catch Matt and me looking back through all the pictures of the travel whirlwind that was 2008-2010. We're just extending it a bit.
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If you Google images with "Bear Week" Provincetown, you will find pictures that Matt and I took during our vacation! That's very exciting - to be a big focus on Google!
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One of the best things about my vacation a couple of weeks ago was that prior to going, Matt encouraged me (gently at first) to get a tan at the salon up the street. That was one of the best things he could have suggested. It helped me not get burned and gave me a good base color off of which to build a good, healthy tan. We were outside all day long. If you've never realized, you can get a sunburn from just walking around or sitting in the shade next to a pool - I've done it. Especially if you're German, Scandinavian or British/Irish. I'm both German and British, so my skin's prone to sunburning. I'm still going to the tanning salon (the Pay-n-Bake station) almost every day and on Sundays with half price beds, I tried out the BRONZER. It was a bigger bed ($2.68) and seemed better for my build. Plus, you can stay in a lot longer than with other beds, so your body gets a more thorough exposure for a longer period of time. I like it.
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Bear Week 2007 was fantastic. We had a great place to stay - very central and cool - shaded by a few trees, and really good A/C. Then were all the friends - old and new - that showed up. Had a blast hanging out with all of them. Then Matt and I had dinner for his birthday - just the two of us as he wanted - at Crowne Point, which was EXCELLENT! Another great thing was that all the drama in Ptown with multiple people was around us, avoided us, and we avoided it... needless to say, we, thusly, had a wonderful, relaxing, drama-free time.

The only exception to that was the moment I got slapped for tickling a friend, which I had done MANY times before, so it was quite normal and most likely expected. I tickled him in front of someone he was hitting on and I didn't realize that until afterwards why that "friend" had smacked me so hard (I had a headache for the rest of the night because of that slap). This "friend" is one side of a monogamous couple and had a physically abusive father when he was a child - apples like that don't fall far from the tree. Why then the hysteria with my tickling him? Well, he was trying to make a macho impression on this other guy (who, btw, WAS hot and handsome, but also a very sweet guy). The way my "friend" reacted was anything but macho!!

Nice "friend", huh? I don't do violence. Some people say that if you wrong them once, then they will forgive and forget. For something like violence, I forgive, which I have, but I don't forget. I'm the type of person who will not give the violent person the possibility of exacting that sort of reaction again... so, ciao, "friend". We didn't hang out with him or his partner the entire week and we don't have a single picture of him, either. Just noticed that this afternoon...


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