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The subject covers two aspects of Ptown: 1) Provincetown, MA, in the winter when tourists aren't around... and 2) Matthew acting in an episode of a TV show called Off Season.
It's exciting to be in Ptown in the winter! We had a big, blustery, SNOWY winter storm Sunday - all day. And we made the absolute best of the day. We got up late and played on our pads for a while. The snow outside piled up to about 10"!!  Eventually, I dug us out to the road. Not a big deal, since the snow was fresh and light. But I had a small, trunk-ready shovel, so I had to be careful not to throw out my back. :-)
On Saturday, we drove around and took pictures, but it was dreary and rainy. We had our postponed anniversary dinner at Ross's Grille, which was fantastic! To drink, we had a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay. For dinner, it was raw oysters first, then locally sourced, sauteed mussels & clams - delicious broths! Our entrees were the Cape Cod Seafood Stew.  The Off Season dictates what restaurants stay open throughout the season, and which ones close for a while after the tourist season and WHEN they close before the tourist season starts up again.  Ross's Grille closed the day after our meal and we were served the last mussels, clams, and stews that they had. We really lucked out!
Sunday night, our dinner was at the Bistro @ Crowne Pointe, which is less than a block up the hill and has GREAT views of the Pilgrims' Monument, the Town Hall, and other historic buildings. We had Cake Chardonnay with deviled eggs, Italian bread, steamed mussels, and New England clam chowder for apps. Then, of course, we HAD to have a New England steamed lobster. Really great dinner, too.
Both nights we took in the "leftover" Ptown nightlife, which was light but fun and totally cozy. Most bars have a warm, cozy and glowing fireplace. The fireplaces reminded me of places in Germany, Austria, and Prague.
All throughout the weekend and in the weeks leading up to today, Matthew & I have been running over his lines over and over again.  It's been really fun.
Monday, we relaxed and got Matthew ready for one of his scenes. The shoot started at 3pm, so I drove around Ptown on my own to take pictures of the town with the snow. It was a bit disappointing because the incessant high winds blew away most of the snow in the course of the day.
I think I got some really great shots that capture the winter Provincetown, which most of the people that come to Bear Week every summer never see or can imagine.  Matthew hadn't messaged or called that he was done, so I went to the Governor Bradford pub for a glass of Chardonnay.  I had never been in that bar before; it's quite old and charming in its own right but I think there's no A/C in the summer, which is always the first and major deterrent.
While sipping my wine at the bar, I had probably the funniest experience ever by myself in Ptown - EVER!!: 4 fishermen in from their boats at the corner of the bar trying to outdo each other with their impressions of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. It was so difficult not to even crack a smile in the hopes that they wouldn't stop on my account and that they might take on other characters with their (pretty decent) impressions.
I made my way to the location of the shoot taking place in a restaurant that was new to us, Sage. Matt did an excellent acting job; members of the crew were very impressed and came to me tell me they were. *happy dance*
So, this trip we went to places and areas of town that we'd never visited before. We went to the Shipwrecked Lounge, the Porchside Lounge, The Little Bar at A-House, the Governor Bradford bar, the Squealing Pig, Sage, the town's US Post Office, the very end of Commercial St, and areas of the Province Lands and National Parks that were new to us.
All in all it's been amazing trip and it does not feel like 6 days. Given our druthers, Matt and I would probably want to stay until Sunday but he has to get back and teach on Thursday evening. Can't wait to review and post some pictures of Ptown in the winter!

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We came across this little ice cream shop called "Ü" (the pic might not upload from LJ Mobile - ugh).  We decided the drive-thrÜ dialog must go like this :
Ü Speaker: What would Ü like?
CÜstomer: ¿Que?
Ü Speaker: What would Ü like?
CÜstomer: ¿Que?
Ü Speaker: How can I help Ü?
CÜstomer: I would like some ice cream.
Ü Speaker: Ü pay tÜ dollars at the window.
CÜstomer pays...
Ü Cashier: Thank Ü! Hope Ü come back!
CÜstomer: ¿Que?

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A good friend of ours from Toronto, Pascal, sent me a note last week that he was going to be in town for a couple of days. We hadn't seen Pascal or his partner in a couple of years. It was a nice surprise. Thing is, the only day he was going to be available for us to meet up was Sunday - yesterday - Mother's Day. The planets aligned and we were able to meet up with him and have a very spontaneous, very exciting day in NYC. 

Pascal suggested we go see The Best Man.  We quick looked up tickets for the matinee performance of The Best Man on Broadway and bought three. We bought extremely well-placed seats at 1:45PM for a 3:00PM performance (HURRY!); Pascal had just checked into his room (GO NOW!) and raced out as we raced out of our place in NJ (DON'T BE LATE!). Due to really bad traffic getting into Manhattan, we decided last minute to take the ferry across - good decision! YAY!

We made it to the show in record time and missed only the first 3 minutes, which was just fine, given the distances we all had to go.  The Best Man stars two-time Tony winner James Earl Jones, Tony winner John Larroquette, Eric McCormack and five-time Tony winner Angela Lansbury, as well as Candice Bergen, Tony nominee Kerry Butler, Michael McKean and Tony winner Jefferson Mays.  We were 5 rows from all of them and they were right there! It was so great to see all of them - right there! 

We left the theater and took the subway to TriBeCa for dinner at Pepolino's, a Florentine Italian restaurant. Matthew and I had seen a show on NYC restaurants a while back and had wanted to go there for dinner sometime.  Pascal is a foodie, as are we, so we were excited to share the experience with him.  Pascal is also a professionally published photographer and has worked with friends on cookbooks, so he knows good food:
Our dinner started with warm and spicy tomato flan for the thick-crusted, Italian bread. We ordered a bottle of Vermentino (white) wine, which has a flowery bouquet and citrus overtones with a bright finish.
Fried artichokes and zucchinis
Fennel salad with orange sections, olives, and Parmesan
Deep fried soft shell crab with arugula/tomato salad
Goat cheese and pear home made raviolis
Spinach & ricotta gnocchi
King fish wrapped in pancetta (mine)
Braised Mediterranean sea bass
Coffee, panna cotta AND the BEST.RICOTTA.CHEESECAKE.EVER!!!
The waitress also treated us to a glass of Grappa at the very end.

We left there to take Pascal to the Stonewall Inn; he'd been by the place a few times, but never inside. It was completely dead inside, so we took off to Ty's - of course.  It was PACKED! We had a fun time and a couple of drinks.  At about 12:30AM, I told Matt we needed to catch a cab before the last ferry, which I had thought was at about 1AM; however, the last ferry was leaving - at 12:30AM - right as we checked the departure times.  Alas, we hopped in a cab, took Pascal back to his hotel, and left for NJ.

$75 and 45 minutes later, we were in our car to go home, only to stay up till 4AM because we were so wired from the awesome day! Here are some pictures from the day:

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Matt has a rule for us when we're away from our "safe eating environment" (which he broke TWICE tonight - NOT HELPFUL!): If he suggests something for us to eat while we're away from home and I counter with a lower calorie option, he has to take the lower caloric option, hands down.  I forget this rule from time to time - like tonight.

Tonight on the way up towards our car parked in the Village, we were talking about having Greek salads at Manatus, which is a good, healthy, low-calorie option. I countered with the option that each of us have one slice of pizza instead, since we don't have a slice of pizza but maybe once every 4-5 months - if even THAT frequently; plus, given our day's light food intake, we could afford it. The Manatus Greek salad with feta, anchovies, and dolmadakias happens to be most likely equal in caloric content to a slice of pizza.

He said, "No, let's go for the salad." 

I reminded him that the last time we went to Manatus late at night, we ended up ordering a 3-egg white omelet, too, and ate some toast with butter, which wasn't that low calorie.

We got to Manatus and I didn't even open the menu, thinking, "I'm just gonna get the salad and be done for the day." 

Matt said, "We could get the broiled scrod, which is really good, along with the salad..."  I agreed, but suggested that we split the scrod order along with the extra veggies - broccoli and steamed green beans - both low calorie and healthy choices. Matt said, "Nah, let's each get a filet - it'll be good."

The scrod came with soup or salad, but we both really wanted the Greek salad, so we both opted for soup: He got chicken soup with low rice and I got the tomato soup (which turned out to have some rice in it - UGH!).  The waiter unexpectedly brought out an AWESOME basket of bread - which we both love ... and ate.

Sooooo, in the end, Matt went against his own rule TWICE (first with the pizza option and second with the scrod-splitting option). Of course, I could have put my foot down. But, I love Greek salads. I love grilled or broiled fish.  I love bread. AND I love tomato soup.  Separately, these things aren't bad. In other combos these things aren't bad.

At the end of a long day at midnight, all these things together on one table with two wide-eyed men who love food?  Not such a good thing and pretty high in calories.  The one-slice pizza option, as it turns out, given our propensity to over-order, would have been the lowest calorie and possibly most satisfying choice of all.

So, back to Matt's rule.  Next time, I'm reminding him of the rule. Next time, I'm putting my foot down and not giving into temptation so quickly.  In fact, the ultimate best option for us would have been to come home and have veggies here with my honey mustard sauce. Next time.
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Last night Matthew and I headed into the city after getting my car fixed (by 7:00 PM).  A friend of ours is leaving for London in a couple of weeks to be there on business for about a month - or more.  I'm all kinds of jealous, but I've had my time with business travel (I do miss it sometimes, though!).

His partner held a going-away party last night at a new-ish place called Industry. Truly, they didn't spend all too much on decor in that place; the floor, for instance, kinda actually looks like the sidewalk outside or at least a factory floor that's been there for 100 years. Perhaps that's part of the decor or "interior design".  We don't find ourselves there often for a lot of reasons, but primarily because it's not our crowd of people.

But last night was really fun. There were about 50-60 of us all in the back area of the bar. We ran into people we haven't seen in a while, and I ran into one guy I hadn't seen for about 10 years when I lived in south Jersey close to Philly.  Turns out that guy's ex-partner, who I also knew, died about 2 years ago. His friends or family found the guy, Kevin, dead in his bed where he'd been for a couple of days. No one knows how he died, but it seemed to be from natural causes. Thing is, he had had a gastric bypass years before (back when they really went to town and chopped you up inside) - in fact those two broke up because Kevin had had the bypass without talking to his partner, Joe, about it. What's odd is, Kevin's favorite "holiday" was Halloween and his birthday happened to be Halloween, as well.  After Kevin was buried, they discovered pumpkins were growing from his grave site.  When Joe told me about that, I got all sorts of tingly and creepy and strange feelings.

Matthew and I had only had a salad for a late lunch around 2:30 in the afternoon. By the time we got to the party - around 8:30 - we were pretty hungry. I had two martinis and a diet coke at the bar and was pretty happy and warm for the rest of the evening - without another drink!  We went to Uncle Nick's for Greek, which is always good, but last night's dinner was probably the best we've had there: grilled sardines (the 6 on the plate were each about as big as a large Cuban cigar), whole grilled Branzino, sauteed dandelion, fried smelts (YUM!!), and a mixed appetizer platter that contained grilled octopus, keftedes (Greek meatballs), multiple spreads, olives, pita, and dolmadakia.  Uncle Nick's really knows how to do seafood - their octopus is some of the best you can get.  Awesome!!
I wanted to post some pictures, but it seems like the photo upload isn't working for some reason.  :-(  I'll try to reload and see if that works.
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Walking out of our hair salon yesterday, Matthew and I waved back at all the stylists and said, "Happy VD, everyone!" and they all waved back with smiles.

As we turned to walk out the door, Matthew heard a female customer with a very heavy NJ Italian accent say loudly, "Are they bruthahs?"

Wish we could have heard the response...

Then, at a diner about an hour later, a guy from another table walked up to me to ask whether my anniversary ring (below) was a championship ring. He approached me as if I were a celebrity and had an interesting look of anticipation on his face like I've never seen before. That must be how I look when approaching a celebrity after a Broadway show. Yes, I just said that after mentioning this guy thinking I was a football player.

(If you look closely, you can see "23" under the feather on the Indian's neck for 1923 - my dad's birth year!)

People are funny. I told Matthew that I should have said to the guy, "No, I don't play football, but I am a tight end." *wink*

Matthew gave me this ring for our anniversary. Isn't it cool?! I collect Buffalo Nickels and other coins, so this was a very thoughtful gift indeed. My right-hand ring finger is a 14, which is quite large. The ring itself is quite impressive in size, so you make it a 14 and it looks like a championship ring. No, I don't know enough about football to know how to have pulled off a "My dad, in fact, played for the Redskins when they won blah blah blah..." response to the guy.
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We found a new Italian pizzeria down the road has an online order form! YAY! I went through the the process of ordering a pizza, some apps, soup (for my voice), and other things for lunch/dinner tomorrow. The ordering process wasn't as easy or fail-proof as it should be, but it worked... OK.

At the end, we put in our credit card, hit submit, and got the confirmation number... OK. There was no order listed as to what we'd actually order to check to make sure that we'd get what we ordered when it arrived (which I know you don't get when you're ordering Chinese, but at least we tick off the stuff we want before we call the place). So, I used my browser to "go back" to the previous page. Uh-oh.

Someone else's order from a totally different restaurant for Thai food, which was not the order (or total) I placed. That concerned me enough to try to contact the order company, but there's no phone number in order to follow up. There's only an online form. Luckily, before I confirmed and placed the order, I noticed a "get a confirmation phone call for your order" check box, which I checked. They just called after I sent the order company a note about the snafu.

Hope they get their kinks worked out - I'm sure they will. The company "OrderItOn" seems to have a nationwide presence. If you're interested to see whether they're in your neighborhood, look them up!

Oh. And we thought about starting our detox tomorrow, but that would be too cliche. We're starting the "Bear Week vodka debauchery" detox tomorrow. BUT, I'm happy to report that I found my new favorite vodka up there and promptly bought a gallon of it, which Matt and I proudly finished within 7 days, along with a small bottle of cupcake-flavored vodka by Desiree - not advisable.

Back to watching TV and awaiting Italian food. YUM!!
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Matt and I had date night last night. We don't spend enough time together. (For those not in the know, this is a very sarcastic commentary on our lives - we're around each other 24/7...) We're actually doing really well on our diets - even though we had fantastic, big dinners for our 7th anniversary back to back with Valentine's Day dinner. Those nights we even indulged in a martini or two, but didn't overdo it. So far, I've lost 30 pounds since Christmas! Matt's lost about 36 so far.

Eataly was on our places to experience since we heard it was opening up in Manhattan. It's directly across from the Flatiron Building on 23rd and Broadway. The place is basically a big food court with little shops around it. It's pretty disorganized and seems very haphazard. In a way, I suppose that makes it VERY Italian. Maybe for the simple fact that we went there on a Saturday night or that there were so many Italians and frat girls walking around with their FULL wine glasses, but we were ready to sit, have something to eat, and leave. We definitely want to return - DURING THE WEEK - and experience the pizza and seafood places.

When you walk into Eataly, you're not greeted by anyone, because, after all, it's a food court/mall sort of thing. There's no map of the place that we found or could readily see and it's PACKED. Espresso scents waft around the entrance. The first "shops" are filled with chocolate, preserves, honeys, and jarred goods. Then, walking back toward the more open area, you find the charcuterie, cheeses, a wine bar (which surprisingly is also a restaurant). There are dining tables everywhere, hostess stations everywhere, shopping areas everywhere amongst the tables and hostess stations, a bakery, a book area (filled with Lidia's cookbooks, of course), a butcher counter, and pizza ovens (the two big gold boobs here).

Here are some pictures from our dinner, which was wonderful.

White Piemonte wine (very fruity with hints of citrus and honey):

Grilled bitter greens with pinenuts, currants, parmigiano, and aged balsamic

Raw vegetable salad with lemon citronette (prepped with honey) and sea salt

Fennel with parmigiano frico, stewed tomato, onion, and Taggliasca olives

Roasted acorn squash with black lentils, cipollini onions, and aged balsamic

We left Eataly and ended up at Ty's after stopping by Rockbar and chatting with the always friendly and handsome Barry.

Rose Water?

Jan. 4th, 2011 10:38 pm
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Last year, Matt and I went to the Fancy Food Show in Manhattan for the third year in a row. We met Mike Colameco and Lidia Bastianich there, which was really cool:

We ran into and shook the hands of the husband (Chris) and a son (Albie) of two of the Real Housewives of NJ because, after all, they run catering businesses in NJ (below):

My digestive system continuously fascinates Matthew because of how I am able to eat the most divergent things back to back. The Fancy Food Show is a strange set up for a conference. The conference organizers don't plan out the distributors and exhibitors very well except in the area where the exhibitors are separated by country. There are pickles on display next to trail mix. There's a cheese section next to olive oils or peanut butter. There are some distributors of Korean tea bubbles with green tea ice cream next to a spicy Indian curry display. Of course you (or I) have to taste it all, no matter that the eating process is in a kerfuffle.

There are always booths with new products. The new products never cease to amaze or intrigue. Last year, there were new chocolatiers who had unique colored appliques made out of powdered sugar, but they were made to order. There were new pickle distributors from 2009 that had returned with more products including chow chow, Texan Kim Chee, and pickled watermelon rind. Jelly Belly has a REALLY cool display with

One lady had these beautiful bottles called "Elixir" and I was intrigued. They resembled potion bottles you'd find at Giles' witchcraft store in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Tonight, I'm drinking rose water made with the Elixir. I mixed a trial bottle with a bottle of Vintage Seltzer and two packets of Splenda. It's pretty good, but I'm glad we had only one bottle of the rose elixir. The next bottle (tomorrow) is lavender.
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Matt hates that I love Scotch. Not just any particular Scotch, but it must preferably be Single Malt Scotch. I have liked some blended Scotches in my day, though. Matt does not like Scotch or any type of whisky at all. I like to enjoy the odd glass now and then. And, yes, I'm a one-ice-cube Scotch drinker (die-hards, go ahead and poo-poo that, but a man likes what a man likes!). Although, I have to say, if I've never tasted a certain Single Malt, I will refrain from the ice cube for the first taste - a small shot of it for the flavor and experience of its face value. Then for a full serving, I'd slide in one cube.

On Wednesday, I was offered many rare treats! Along side some wonderful pâtés, goat cheeses, truffled honey, and heavenly olives, were three bottles of (potentially very expensive) Scotch!! One of the bottles was Johnny Walker Blue. At a local retail store JWB goes for almost $200). The second I spied was a 27-yr Tomintoul, which was oaked in 1983. I would have been about 15 then. Its price point ranges possibly between $100-180 a bottle. Lastly, there stood a bottle of 16-yr Lagavulin, which is about $75.

Here are two of the bottles:

The Tomintoul was by far my favorite. A description of the 16-yr Tomintoul reads, "One of the gentler whiskies in Speyside. It's a fragrant whisky too with a firm malty foundation, fruit gum drops and caramel. Subtle notes of almond and anise helped keep my interest, as did its soft, subtle wood spice finish. Very easy to drink too!"

The extra 11 years added to the bottle definitely added more spice and starker caramel. I don't think I got the almond in the 27-yr bottle, but certainly the fruity overtones and malt were very present. There was a nice bite to it as it finished.

For the 27-yr Tomintoul, a different description reads, "Deep amber color. Sweet dried peach and apricot, brown spice, and orange blossom aromas. A very smooth rich entry leads to a dry-yet fruity full-bodied palate of sweet dried fruits, Sherry and spice with a very long fade. Excellently balanced and soft with a gently Sherried and very fruity character that makes this an easygoing pleasure to drink. This is a remarkable value as well." There was a lot of repetition in this description, which tells me the author was probably drinking glass after glass to pull in as many adjectives into his description as possible before having to leave the bottle behind. I could picture myself doing that.

I was happy to taste the JWB; people get those bottles as gifts in business. It would be nice to build up a business that would warrant that type of gift! I think I liked the Lagavulin better than the JWB, though.

So, in order of preference, taste, and complexities:
#1 - Tomintoul, 27-yr
#2 - Lagavulin, 16-yr
#3 - Johnny Walker Blue

Then we went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I got a fantastic Osso Bucco accompanied by roasted fennel mashed potatoes following a goat cheese arugula salad. Dinner was finished off with coffee and fig & honey gelato. YUM!!

Yeah, we had to ring in the new year with some amazing food after Matt and my family put out so much other good stuff for the better part of a week! Starting Monday, it's starvation mode (within reason) and exercise. Gotta look good in my summer bikini (as opposed to my winter bikini!).
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Wow. Last night was really fun! We had dinner at Tony's Di Napoli in midtown with [livejournal.com profile] durabear, [livejournal.com profile] devil_cub52 (and partner Ed), [livejournal.com profile] perkbear (and partner Garrett), [livejournal.com profile] mat_t, [livejournal.com profile] mondragon, [livejournal.com profile] faghatesgods, my Matt, and me.

TEN HANDSOME MEN around a table at a midtown NYC Italian restaurant. What more could you ask for than to be in the midst of them?

At this point, I can't for the life of me remember WHAT I said to our waiter, but somehow we ended up with a bottle of either Sambucca or Ouzo on our table. We passed that around for everyone, but I personally had WAY too many shots or glasses of it. Way too many. By the time we got home, I was falling out of the car.

For dinner we had drinks to start with at the bar, fried mozzarella, Italian bread, and fried calamari for apps, no salad (tee hee), veal Saltimbucca, chicken scarpiello with sausage and potatoes, vodka rigatoni, and cheese tortellinis. Then the strawberry shortcake and a TINY piece of cheesecake. Excellent meal!

Here are some photos of the evening:

You can view more photos on my Flickr Account, which are also public.

Y, NC?

May. 2nd, 2010 03:00 pm
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Yesterday was fun!! [livejournal.com profile] devil_cub52, Ed, Matt, and I all met for dinner at Rub, a southern BBQ place in Manhattan on 23rd St. Unbeknownst to us, Nick & Ed love the food there as much as Matt and I do! The only problem there is the acoustics. We were in the far back of the restaurant and I had thought it would work out just fine; however, we ended up yelling - literally YELLING - at each other for conversation. We were exhausted by the time we finished dinner. We were also astounded how much quieter it was ON THE STREET than in the restaurant.

We all had some form of roasted meat after the Fritos pie and fried green tomatoes (some of the best we've had ever!). Matt & I also got the St. Louis BBQ ribs - delish!! There was no room for dessert and we were really ready to get out of the deafening reverberating cacophony. So we left there in search of a bar for after-dinner drinks and ended up at Boxers, a new bar on 20th between 5th and 6th Avenues (so new, it's not on Google Maps yet!). Had a great time, lots of good conversation, and big hugs.

After taking the obligatory LJ photos, Nick and Ed took off to go see the new Freddie movie. We'll see them again, though, on Tuesday, when [livejournal.com profile] durabear comes to NYC and we all meet up again for dinner with [livejournal.com profile] perkbear - hopefully at Tony's Di Napoli again!

(Boy, I got a big German head... physically and otherwise!)

Funny enough, later on in the evening, Matt and I met a Fred and an Alfred at Ty's!! For some reason, too, we kept running into southerners, and specifically guys from NC. Our waiter at Rub was from Greensboro, Fred at Ty's was from Raleigh, we met another guy from Raleigh named Tim, and a couple of people we met had either lived in or moved to NYC from Tennessee. An odd contingent of NC and southern-related folks yesterday for sure. Even one of the guys we met was from Alexandria, LA, and is moving to Dallas in the next couple of weeks!

This is Bo, y'all. Ain't he cute? And he's as sweet as pie!

These are new southern friends (Jimmy in the blue, Tim in the pink linen, Bo and his friend, Izzy(?), and Abry (moving to Dallas soon)), and Matthew with David Rodriguez.

Cops on horseback keeping the peace. There was a major bomb scare at Times Square and apparently no trains were running through midtown (weren't sure about the tunnels). At that point, we just stayed in the bar, ordered more drinks, hugged everyone around us, and said, "Yeah... we'll wait this one out. Cheers!"

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Heading off to dinner at Rub with [livejournal.com profile] devil_cub52 and Ed. Haven't been there in a couple of years (because we've been trying other places...). REALLY looking forward to meeting Nick and Ed for the first time in person!

I love Rub's pork chops, collard greens, and cornbread. YUM!!
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Got this email from Centro Vinoteca. If you're in the NYC area and looking for a good place to go eat, check out this place. Also, they have different "deals" going on like the one below that will keep you coming back (such as half priced wine orders on Mondays - see below...).
Dear Centro Vinoteca Customers -

We are happy to introduce our new Wine Tasting Sundays! Starting Sunday, April 18th, Centro Vinoteca will be offering a wine tasting menu featuring four Italian wines each pared with a delicious dish, only $45. Please open the attached file to view the complete menu.

Also, we want to remind you of our Monday Wine Deal, where you can purchase any bottle of wine 50% off. And don't forget our Aperitivo Happy Hour where you can enjoy a free Piccolini, $5 beers, $7 quartinos of wine, and $8 special cocktails.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Centro Vinoteca

Might go back here soon!
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Well, this weekend started off with a surprise. Two friends of our from DC told us about a dance party in NYC. The party is called 'Trippin' on the Moon' and looks like a LOT of fun. The party started at 10PM and ended (supposedly) at 4AM. We go to Bear Blowoff once a quarter in NYC, which is about the same time frame. Thing was this particular weekend, we had plans for Sunday morning. We did the responsible thing by not going (kicking the ground with our heads bowed...).

BUT, we did invite these guys out for din-din at The Odeon in TriBeCa, where Madonna is reported to have had a fight with some gays years ago, throwing her salad at them. We had great conversation and food for about 2.5 hours. I had a martini, the baby beet salad, river trout (YUM!), and warm donuts for dessert that came with little bowl of maple sauce and a little bowl of raspberry sauce. Excellent!

We left those guys as they walked to pick up their tickets for the party to go home and stopped briefly by Ty's for a nightcap at about 10PM. We stayed for about 30 minutes after running into a couple of buddies in from California for the weekend.

This morning (Sunday), we woke up around 10AM and dashed off to Old Tappan, NJ, to meet up with a friend for brunch. We got in his red-leather-interior Masarati and headed to Irvington, NY, to eat at The Red Hat. Excellent weather for eating outside, so we got a comfy table and started off brunch with coffee and then a Vanilla-Pear martini. I got the house-made gnocchi with wild mushroom sauce for an app, and the pork chop for entree. Both excellent, but I wish I had gotten the tuna tartar that Matt and our friend got - it was superb. We spent the afternoon at our friend's house in Old Tappan and had a lot of fun.

On the way home, our stomachs were growling something fierce. So, I suggested Mama Mexico for Matt and me in Englewood Cliffs, NJ (yes, where Bobby and Whitney used to live). We were hungrier than the food that we ordered; our stomachs could barely handle what we ate. All the corn chips from the salsa to the guacamole made table side, the rice, and the tamale paste... we were about to burst. I could feel the food in the back of my throat.

It was a fun run, but this debauchery MUST END NOW. If I plan to fit into my new bikini for Bear Week, I must start eating salads only, little meat, and no bread, AND begin getting more exercise than lifting a martini glass. Here's to a fresh start tomorrow!

The Mazz:

And this picture is for [livejournal.com profile] curtimack, who I'm sure will understand my interest and love for these old trucks:
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Last night at Centro Vinoteca, dinner was pretty good; not awesome, but OK!

When we came in... )

All in all, it was a pleasant venture. Looking over the menus, though, the brunch sounds like fun on a Sunday. Might go back there for a simple get-together with friends, but we'll probably start looking elsewhere for our anniversary dinner destination.
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Tonight for our anniversary, we'd been planning on heading for dinner at Centro Vinoteca, which is in the building where we had our first Valentine's Day dinner. It used to be a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass on 7th Ave.

Centro used to be Anne Burell's restaurant - Mario Batali's sous chef from Iron Chef. Burell's also got her own Food Network show that was picked up for another 13 episodes).

We discovered that the restaurant and Burell were both marred by a discrimination lawsuit (one of the article links above), which was eventually dropped. Matt and I surmised that it was brought on by opportunistic ex-employees who were disgruntled by getting fired or losing their jobs from the bankruptcy. Whatever the case, this might be the last time we go there for dinner. Burell is no longer the chef there. Then there's the cloud of discrimination over the place, which is a HUGE issue; the discrimination was of a different tenet than that with which I am familiar...

So, this might be the end of a yearly tradition of ours to visit either Centro Vinoteca or the original place we had met for lunch in New Brunswick - Old Man Rafferty's - too far to drive, really, for essentially bar food.
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Tonight we met up with some friends for dinner at a local diner on Rt. 4 E. It's a really good diner that used to be a very gay hang out in the 80s, apparently. All the people leaving the bars in the area (now there's only one from like 3-4 years ago, I've heard) would congregate at this place - called the Belle Diner, I think, back then.

We always like meeting there for dinner with these friends cuz it's easy for us all to get to and it's got great selections of some of our favorite things. When Matt and I are on our diet, we can always get the salad bar along with broiled fresh seafood.

Tonight, having been sick for the past couple of weeks, we decided to make this our last "hoorah" for a while and get back to healthier eating tomorrow. We'll also start up at the gym again from a 2-3 week break.

The service tonight was especially slow, which in
its own right was good because it was really nice to catch up with these friends - we hadn't seen them for almost a month! Our waitress was one we'd seen before but rarely had serving our table. She came over after we'd finished our meal and told us with cigarette breath that her kid went to a Halloween party the night before. She had a piece of paper, which looked like a poster of some sort. Showing is to us, she explained that her husband had taken her son to a party while she was at work. Her son was excited that he was going to the party in this costume:

We exclaimed that it was interesting and were glad he had a good time. In reality we were all thinking, "Why is she scarring her child or letting her husband scar her child?" and "How old is this kid? Beyond the age of consent?" and "How many straight people have you shown this picture to and explained that your son wore it to a Halloween costume that your husband chaperoned?"
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Posting about another restaurant the other day (and replying to posts today) made me think of a restaurant that deserves a bad review. This one restaurant, The Crab House in Edgewater, NJ, Matt and I have really given the benefit of the doubt WAY too many times for WAY too long. Finally, I put my foot down - firmly - about 2 years ago. NEVER again. It's a seafood place and it's horrible.

The food sucks (clearly frozen/dried and reconstituted), the service sucks (slow, unattentive, and rude staff), it's too loud (techno music for some reason), and the expensive drinks are all watered down. The only thing going for it is the spectacular view of Manhattan and the George Washington Bridge.

But, the good thing is, you can go to the Outback Steakhouse next door and after dinner walk out onto the Crab House pier and see the views you don't have to suffer for. YAY!


Jun. 21st, 2009 09:46 am
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There's a sushi restaurant we go to often with Matt's sister and her husband. Last night we went to celebrate a couple of birthdays for friends of theirs. We got to the place, Flirt Sushi in Allendale, at about 8:15 and were seated at about 8:40. Saturday nights are not typically extremely busy for this place, especially later in the evening. Last night was PACKED! The owner wasn't there and he usually keeps the peace and orders the chaos.

Our waiter didn't know what Uni (urchin) was, so we (happily) got four pieces of Unagi (eel) Nigiri for free! The Uni, when it finally did come, was NOTHING like the Uni we had on the West Coast - at all; it was bitter and reminded us why we don't usually order it. Our drinks were constantly dry and we were chasing down other waiters for wine bottle openers.

On top of that, toward 10:15 or so, we wanted a couple of "last rolls" and were told that they had RUN OUT OF WHITE RICE! How does a sushi place, that's so popular and established, RUN OUT OF WHITE RICE?? We ordered our last rolls with brown rice, and they were fine - a little nuttier. It's one thing to order - by choice - to have the rolls done up with brown rice and another to have that rice forced upon you because of bad planning. We got out of there around 11:20 and went to a diner for dessert and coffee.

Aside from all that stuff, we did end up having a good time. Great conversation, stories, discussions, and jokes. And we ate too much sushi.


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