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Jul. 9th, 2013 01:21 pm
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So, no, I haven't done a meme in a LONG, LONG while. This was prompted by [livejournal.com profile] erstexman, so I thought it would be fun.

A - Age:  45 (for just under another month)
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: Folding the laundry
D – Dog’s (Pet’s) Name: None currently
E - Essential start to your day item(s): Blueberries with yogurt and coffee
F - Fun Factoid: I was daytime entertainment on a cruise ship for a month
G - Gold or Silver: Silver (I think I might be allergic to gold!)
H - Height: 5’ 10”
I - Instruments you learned to play: Piano, Hammered dulcimer, violin, handbells, trumpet
J - Job title: Sr. IT PM & BA
K - Kisses or hugs: YES!!
L - Living arrangements: In a condo in a high rise
M - Mood: Joyous!!
N - Nicknames: Steve, Bother, Dude
O - Overnight hospital stays (other than birth): None
P - Pet Peeves: Not knowing the difference between "You, You're, and Your" or "it's and its" or "their and there"
Q - Quote from a movie: "That's just what this country needs: Another cock, in a frock, on a rock."
R - Right or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: 4 altogether
T - Time you wake up: With alarm – any time. No alarm, normally about 8:30 AM
U - Underwear: boxer briefs
V - Vegetable you dislike: Eggplant, but learning to enjoy it
W - Ways you run late: Caught in a Facebook rant or exchange
X - X-rays you've had: abdomen and teeth
Y - Yummy food you make: green bean casserole and enchilada casserole
Z - Zoo favorite: Lions and tigers and bears! The meerkats and sugar gliders are always fun, too.
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Everywhere we go in almost every city, there is some graffiti. San Francisco, Berlin, NYC, and DC have some of the best I've seen. Philadelphia is known for their spectacular murals (which are commissioned by neighborhoods), but I wouldn't classify those as graffiti. NYC has phenomenal graffiti. A few weeks ago, we were in the Lower East Side, and I captured a couple of interesting pieces from around Prune on 1st St. & 1st Ave. I noticed - possibly for the first time - that graffiti is now being painted on sidewalks or (as the Eyeworks piece was probably commissioned) on cellar doors, but on the sidewalk nonetheless.

Some captures of LES graffiti... )

Yesterday, we spent the late afternoon and evening in Brooklyn: Matthew had an appointment there next to the Brooklyn Brewery, so I dropped him off and spent about 30-45 minutes driving around checking out the graffiti in the area. I kinda wanna go back there and find more specimens.

Graffiti holds my interest because it's fleeting and dynamic! You see it, you appreciate it, and you might capture it.  It'll be there once for maybe a week or two, sometimes a month. Then it changes. Someone comes along to add their touch to the item.  Or someone else decides to cover that one with their own thing. The graffiti that is the most exciting is the wall that grows and expands off of one particular tag or image. San Francisco and Berlin graffiti artists, I find, tend to build on others' work, while in NYC, it seems that most artists want to be the ones on top. Perhaps the individual's or collective's cultural expression is coming through the graffiti and its placement - on top of others' work or next to and feeding off of another's.

Here are some examples of Brooklyn graffiti from yesterday's foray; notice the differences between Manhattan and Brooklyn graffiti. It's slight, but interestingly different and both unique.  Also, does a scarf wrap qualify as graffiti? Perhaps. Why not? One of the telephone poles in Brooklyn (below) has a knitted thing around the base, which is covered in graffiti. How about an old, broken, miniature skateboard? It's interesting to see that artists are using stencils and stickers more and more - why not other artistic mediums and materials - like yarn or wood? Enjoy!

See the Brooklyn graffiti collection... )

In honor of this graffiti post, I even graffiti'd my finger!
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I just changed my settings on Twitter NOT to post my tweets to LiveJournal. I hate the format, the re-tweets are impersonal, and just, well. Ugh. It's all too much.

BUT, my LJ posts do go to Twitter!  So, yay that.  (<-- saying that makes me think of [livejournal.com profile] dendren).  :-)

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This is interesting. This is a list of the top 28 responders to my blog in 2012 - only 2012. How narcissistic is it that I'm #1 on my own!!  I got the idea from [livejournal.com profile] london1967 on one of his posts a couple of weeks ago. I'd been meaning to look into this, so I did!  Here's the link he posted in a comment on his post: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/topcommentators.bml. He did a lot more than I did... having written a SQL script after creating a database to make a more dramatic display and included many more years. I might do that sometime, but I just didn't wanna forget that I wanted to look into this.  :-)

27Matthew Vecera4
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The first FIVE (5) people to comment on this post will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a handmade/homemade/crafted item. There will be no warning and it will be made/happen/arrive whenever the mood strikes me.

The catch? Those FIVE (5) people must make the same offer on their next  post (... and if I don't have it already, your address - either via email or private message, but not on my wall or on yours).

Thanks for starting this for 2013, [livejournal.com profile] jimwnyc!! MWAH!

(Also, it was about damn time that I post something meme-"ish"...)
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Here's hoping we can get to this house (1619 Pine St):
Hasn't changed much since 1982, has it?  Just need to pick up the right suspenders.

Neither of us has ever been to Denver, although I've flown through. I have a friend from college out there, who's getting married there, a friend from grade school, and my pseudo sister-in-law (my b-i-l's sister) - what do you call those folks - the in-laws?

Anyway, looking forward to going out there. Also, hoping that we can run into [livejournal.com profile] zedsled whilst in town for at least a beer or martini!

Should be an interesting weekend.  I haven't seen the friend who's getting married except in FB photos since he moved out to Denver from DC.  His mother was my manager back in college at a store and I really liked her. Can't wait to see his sister and dad, either - they're a very nice family.  His mother really challenged me to think about things - even whilst at work - about where I was going, what my future would look like, and where I'd end up.  She totally knew that neither my friend nor I would have gotten married before we were 40.  Who knew my reason would be that marriage for me wouldn't be legal??! 

I'm really looking forward to a little Rocky Mountain High... in Colorado...

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Tonight, Matthew and I ventured into the city to meet up with Phil ([livejournal.com profile] dendren) and Bob - IN PERSON!!!  WOW! What great men. Had a very fun time with them and some friends I introduced them to. They had coordinated with a couple of other LJ friends to meet them at Ty's and we all got along splendidly.  We didn't have too much to drink, either, cuz I had to drive home - in fact, I ended the evening with a diet Coke followed by a seltzer.  :-)

It's always great to put a personal, physical hug to a person's persona online. Phil and Bob give good hugs!  They are in town for their 20th anniversary. Matt and I are totally jealous that they have tickets to Book of Mormon - a show we've (lack-lusterly) have been trying to get tickets for. We will one day. I really hope that Phil and Bob enjoy the show, which I'm SURE they will.

Here are a couple of pictures from the evening:

At one point in the evening, I returned to the front of the bar to get a drink and a guy with a plaid shirt (Calvin) behind me tapped me on the shoulder. He said, "Excuse me, my friend really needs a hug. Would you mind giving him a hug?"

I said, "Oh, of course! I love to give hugs."

This sweet, gentle-hearted guy, pretty thin and pretty much no fur peered out from behind his glasses sheepishly. I said in my big burly voice, "Oh, you want a big, burly, furry hug, huh? You haven't had a hug today?! Everybody needs a hug!"

The guy just looked at me surprised and in disbelief that I just asked him the question.  He said, "Yes, I'd like a hug!"

I gave him a big bear hug. He was the sweetest guy and gasped satisfied.  I introduced myself around. A little later, the same guy, Calvin, came up and tapped me on the shoulder again to explain that his friend, Muhammed, was from Abu-Dabi. "You can't be out in Abu-Dabi and he's never had a bear hug. You gave him his first bear hug." 

Wasn't that sweet?!  I was very happy.  
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We've been having a wonderful weekend!!  The weekend started out on Friday with us getting our hair cuts.  We were about 2 weeks overdue for those.  Friday night, we visited our friends Tommy & Brian for Easter Egg coloring.  It was so much fun, and best to do with friends.
This is Brian with his most fabulous egg ever!  It's fun how some dying elements just happen and then if you take advantage of them - juuuuust right - you can make something amazing out of it! Brian cooks a mean Cornish hen and Tommy makes delicious guacamole! YUMMY!
That was the culmination!  Beautiful eggs, tons of colors, lots of creativity, and fun with friends. (Plus, I love Matt's face here: "That's enough pictures, Stephen!")

Yesterday, Matthew and I slept a long, long time. We didn't eat ANYTHING all day till dinner at Tony's di Napoli. There we met up with [info]squirreltot*, [info]texwriterbear, [info]super_sean for the first time ever along with another Texan friend, Shane. Unfortunately,[info]allsmilesbear didn't make it out, but [livejournal.com profile] mat_t did! [info]jimwnyc and [info]tinman11201* came out, too, and we met THEM for the first time in person, too!  It was a lot of fun, great food, and great company.

Dinner was arugula/pear salad, grilled shrimp, (libations - goes without saying), broccoli rabe, escarole and beans, veal salimbucca (thinly pounded veal cutlet with provolone and prosciutto) over spinach, chicken scarpiello with potatoes, peppers, and Italian sausage, and lobster raviolis with vodka penne. Don't forget the amazing Italian bread, and dessert: NY cheesecake, tiramisu, an ice cream cake (on the house), and cannolis.  Oh, and libations. Most everyone got appletinis.

Here are a few pictures from the evening (including some of the damage). More pictures from the dinner, you can find here.

Afterwards, as everyone else retired for the evening, Matthew and I dashed off to Ty's for a nightcap. We hadn't been out in the city since about February, so were pretty overdue.  There we were glad to run into our buddy, Chris. Such a sweetheart.

Today, we're heading up to the Ramsay, NJ, for Easter Dinner at about 3:00 with Matt's family; we're not hosting this year (don't get me started!).  I'm kind sleepy from all this weekend activity so far; might have to go take a nap before breakfast and lunch!

Someone brought Easter Bunny Ears to the bar. Of course, I had to take advantage of them!!

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So, on the trip to California, when Matt and I met up with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], we went to sing Karaoke at "Elvis!?" - a place in Fountain Valley, CA. It was really fun, and as I mentioned on a previous post, I wanted to post some videos.

I didn't hear any screams coming from the California corner of LJ or FB, so here are three of them:

Tim singing "What A Wonderful World"

Robert & Steve singing "Queen of Hearts"

Steve singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
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Finally, I've finished putting together, configuring, selecting, and posting the best pictures from our trip to the OC. You can find them on my Picasa album. We met up with [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim, [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu, and [livejournal.com profile] animbear for lunch at their favorite spot, Curry House. [livejournal.com profile] mondragon happened to be in town, too, from back home in NJ and he was able to meet us for lunch and coffee afterward.

We spent the day with the OC boys (except Greg, who is actually an original OC boy) after lunch. We went to a Japanese/Korean shopping center for a couple of hours of private Karaoke. It was a VERY fun experience! The place was called "Elvis!?" and we got to enter Barbra Streisand for the afternoon (that was our Karaoke room). We sang songs like "What a Wonderful World" (Tim), "Won't You Be My Neighbor" (Steve), "Magic" (Steve & Robert), "Fire" (Tim), "Running Up That Hill" (Reid), "Queen of Hearts" (Robert & Steve), and "One Week" (Robert & Matt - who wouldn't get on the mic!!). We sang more, but some of these I videoed and am posting on my YouTube channel today; they were too large for Picasa and kept bombing during the upload.

After Karaoke, we went next door to a Shabu-Shabu restaurant, something neither Matt nor I had ever tried. That was really tasty, too, and lots of fun! We drove down to Laguna Beach to see the sunset and send the boys off home.

The day was too short!! We had so much fun. [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim, [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu, and [livejournal.com profile] animbear are so much fun and creative. Can't wait till the next time!!

Now, they just all have to get their asses to NYC!
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Anybody else notice the Pride colors on LiveJournal?? I'm impressed and happy!! It's Pride in San Francisco and NYC this weekend. How fun!!!

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A new connection (thanks [livejournal.com profile] dan4behr and [livejournal.com profile] dailyafirmation for the inspiration!) posted something the other day, which I found interesting: a Word Cloud from a colleague's document. I googled "Word Cloud Generator" and found Wordle! I looked through the documentation to find out where the text is stored before I copied in 1300+ pages of my blog here. The text is kept on your machine (it uses a Java applet) as you play with the settings, layouts, word counts, fonts, colors, etc.! Only if you save your word cloud to the gallery will the text be stored. So, if you wanna play around with this from texts that you've created (someone's already copied and pasted the US Constitution...), you're fine with even confidential or private information.

Here are my top three word clouds:

Top 200 Words:

Top 25 Words:

Top 10 Words:
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Wow. Last night was really fun! We had dinner at Tony's Di Napoli in midtown with [livejournal.com profile] durabear, [livejournal.com profile] devil_cub52 (and partner Ed), [livejournal.com profile] perkbear (and partner Garrett), [livejournal.com profile] mat_t, [livejournal.com profile] mondragon, [livejournal.com profile] faghatesgods, my Matt, and me.

TEN HANDSOME MEN around a table at a midtown NYC Italian restaurant. What more could you ask for than to be in the midst of them?

At this point, I can't for the life of me remember WHAT I said to our waiter, but somehow we ended up with a bottle of either Sambucca or Ouzo on our table. We passed that around for everyone, but I personally had WAY too many shots or glasses of it. Way too many. By the time we got home, I was falling out of the car.

For dinner we had drinks to start with at the bar, fried mozzarella, Italian bread, and fried calamari for apps, no salad (tee hee), veal Saltimbucca, chicken scarpiello with sausage and potatoes, vodka rigatoni, and cheese tortellinis. Then the strawberry shortcake and a TINY piece of cheesecake. Excellent meal!

Here are some photos of the evening:

You can view more photos on my Flickr Account, which are also public.
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THIS is perfect! My sister sent it to me and this is pretty much all I think about when we're traveling...

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Earlier this year, [livejournal.com profile] durabear wrote a meme for people to respond to (there's one space left, btw) that he would make something for them by the end of the year.

Yesterday, when I got home from a busy, almost unproductive jaunt into the holiday & rush-hour traffic, when I was feeling quite put out by the hub-bub and irritated by more than one person from "The Beyond" at BB&B, we received a package from Darin!

I was so excited that I opened it right away - before the other two packages, even. The package contained COOKIES!! There were some traditional cookies in there that reminded me of home, like the peanut butter cookies (with the tic-tac-toe board on the face - made with a fork), chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies with red and green sugar on them. But what to our wandering eyes did appear, but a Sandra Lee snowman cookie and a gingerbread bear! So cute and tasty.

Thanks, Darin!!! These were a great surprise and certainly made my day yesterday. They'll be gone by this afternoon.

Here is a collage of cookie pictures... oh, and btw, I'm gonna post a FFYF later.

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So, turns out all the "people" that have been adding me as a friend - the bots - over the last 2 weeks are now suspended and under investigation! YAY LiveJournal! It pays to notify LJ about the bots.
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For those not in the know or too scared to ask...

Here's a blurb from the profile of one of the bots (kumvjal) that popped up today:

"It will not tell itself about itself." - in Russian it's "Сама о себе рассказывать не буду."

Then, within one of the posts, it reads, "Сообщил предкам, что со студией я завязал," which means, "Ancestors were informed that I began with the studio."

Isn't that STUPID text? I know that these people just used random text generators, but there have to be better text generators out there that put up better stuff than that. Something a little more realistic. I bet that you could use random text generators to write an ENTIRE book!!
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Is it me or are there ever more bots trying to poke into our journals? For each person that adds me as their friend, I check on the blog to see if it's a real person. Even if the profile has English text all over it, I look at the entries. Funny enough, almost every one of them of late has the same phrase about meeting a bride in a certain place - IN RUSSIAN! So, I'm reporting the bots. But, seriously, there have been about 10 supposed bots (with the same entries) in the last week alone! Is anyone else having the same problem?

It's interesting that the people creating the bots aren't that creative at all! LOL
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kenwoodville I updated the look of my profile. I used to do this about once every 3-4 months when I first started on LJ till I found one I liked. Not sure if I'm keeping this one, either, but for now, it'll do. I might spend some time learning how to create my own for the fun of it, but then if I wanted to update it or change it again, it would take some time.

I really liked the flowers one I had once a while ago, and my first set up was bearish for sure - all the bear colors. But, you couldn't see all my links and tags and stuff properly. In the process of changing things around, I discovered a few things I need to update and clean up! So that's good, too - keep it all neat and tidy.


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