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Yeah, we can be bitchy. Sometimes. We love Rachel Ray. This time, though, on 30-Minute Meals, she's showing a sad side. She's not the energetic "EVOO" girl  we all know and love. What happened on this particular day? She's soooo sad. This is only a 3-minute clip, but the whole show was like this: Low energy, dead air, missteps, forgetting stories, talking way too fast and making things too complicated, showing frustration like she never does. Some might say this is endearing, but, frankly, if she had been a contestant on the Next Food Network Star, she wouldn't have made it passed this take. What do you think?

We just felt so sad for her. We love her shows and we've been excited to watch her talk show. I can't imagine what was up with her on this filming day. Cannot imagine.  
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This is FREAKING hilarious!!

I mean, it's one thing to see a line up of shots of her leg... and then the reminder from the Groundlings of her leg, too!  Pretty funny.
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Walking out of our hair salon yesterday, Matthew and I waved back at all the stylists and said, "Happy VD, everyone!" and they all waved back with smiles.

As we turned to walk out the door, Matthew heard a female customer with a very heavy NJ Italian accent say loudly, "Are they bruthahs?"

Wish we could have heard the response...

Then, at a diner about an hour later, a guy from another table walked up to me to ask whether my anniversary ring (below) was a championship ring. He approached me as if I were a celebrity and had an interesting look of anticipation on his face like I've never seen before. That must be how I look when approaching a celebrity after a Broadway show. Yes, I just said that after mentioning this guy thinking I was a football player.

(If you look closely, you can see "23" under the feather on the Indian's neck for 1923 - my dad's birth year!)

People are funny. I told Matthew that I should have said to the guy, "No, I don't play football, but I am a tight end." *wink*

Matthew gave me this ring for our anniversary. Isn't it cool?! I collect Buffalo Nickels and other coins, so this was a very thoughtful gift indeed. My right-hand ring finger is a 14, which is quite large. The ring itself is quite impressive in size, so you make it a 14 and it looks like a championship ring. No, I don't know enough about football to know how to have pulled off a "My dad, in fact, played for the Redskins when they won blah blah blah..." response to the guy.
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A few weeks ago, I ordered some BLAAK cheese. It's an ashed goat cheese produced by the Fabulous Beekman Boys' farm in Sharon Springs, NY. We visited the farm and Sharon Springs for the first time this past spring for their Garden Party.

The cheese arrived about 1.5 weeks ago. We've slowly been savoring it and have even shared it with some friends, one of whom is a friend of one of the Beekman Boys. BLAAK is really, really tasty. It's slightly tart, but has a soft sweetness about it. The texture is not creamy like a brie, but also not as firm as, say, baby Swiss cheese. The edible rind is slightly harder than the inside; it is not smoky, as one might think. If you're not careful, the ash can get EVERYWHERE. It washes off easily, though.

It's really fun to have met and petted the goats whose milk produced the cheese awaiting our knife in front of us. While planning the whole BLAAK cheese experience, we discovered Bearboat's Pinot Noir 2007 vintage and Yellowtail's Shiraz-Cabernet (both delicious reds). Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't have wine with the cheese anyway, but adding a new wine heightened the whole experience.

The BearBoat was an especially wonderful find because it seems that the vineyard is owned and operated by a gay couple in the Russian River Valley. That area is home to one our country's fine gay Meccas, Guerneville, CA. It's not terribly surprising that a gay couple would own and operate a winery, but we were surprised to find the wine here in NJ and no one seems to know it. The primary reason Matt picked it up at the store, certainly, was because of the picture of the two bears rowing a boat. One of the bears is answering the other's question in French, which Matt thought that was funny because it's something I do to him.

The bottle's inscription on the back reads:"This is the story of Mac and Zeke, two inquisitive bears who find themselves on a quest to enjoy life's great curiosities. With no actual destination in mind they prefer to take their surroundings and simply enjoy the journey. You'll find them adrift wherever the current and the occasional row may take them. The Russian River Valley's cool morning fog and moderate afternoon temperatures give this BearBoat Pinot Noir richness and texture with bright acidity that balances beautifully. The aromas are a blend of raspberry and red cherry with a toasty vanilla spice flavor and lingering finish."

It's fascinating to consider the build up to this moment of writing up this review of the cheese and the wine. Here's the process:
  1. Late 2010 and into early 2011, Matt and I watched the Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green (about 10 hrs).
  2. We took the road trip up to Sharon Springs, NY, for the Garden Party.
  3. We stayed at the American Hotel and met its two charming owners, Doug Plummer and Garth Roberts (who got married this summer - YAY!).
  4. At the Garden Party, we met other wonderful folks, such as Gail Luna and his partner, Drew, who design and make delicious cakes.
  5. We took the tour of the Beekman mansion and its grounds, and later visited the store to buy some goat milk soap.
  6. We met Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, the two Beekman Boys, and Farmer John Hall and his partner, Jason Paden, who raise and tend the goats. All of these men are beautiful people and very gracious hosts.
  7. We even got to hang out with and get to know Doug better at Bear Week in Provincetown this summer, which was a lot of fun.
  8. I posted blog entries about Sharon Springs and made scrapbook pages about our trip.
  9. I ordered the BLAAK online, posted an entry about it and we shopped for a good wine.
  10. Now, I'm posting the finale.
Leading up to this post, it's been almost an entire year and our lives have been enriched. We've learned more about goats and making cheese, experienced another historical American town, and got to know at least 10 wonderful people!  Exhilarating!

Reviewing and describing our unique journeys should enlighten us to how wonderful our lives are. Take a moment sometime to review the process and impact of one of your own journeys.
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"Marjorie's telling mother how spoiled I am, how TERRIBLE I am. And Marjorie knew my father and my uncle. Mother's giving her all this s-h-i-t. So, I went and told her a few things about the family.

But in dealing with me, the relatives didn't know that they were dealing with a staunch character. And I tell ya... if there's anything worse than a staunch woman - S-T-A-U-N-C-H - there's nothing worse! I'm telling you! They don't weaken, no matter what! But they didn't know that! Wow, what they didn't know!"

Starting at about 13:27
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"This is the best thing to wear for today, you understand. Because I don't like women in skirts and the best thing is to wear panty hose or sun pants under a short skirt, I think. Then you have the pants under the skirt and then you can pull the stockings up over the pants underneath the skirt. And you can always take the skirt off and wear it as a cape. So, I think this is the best costume for today. *giggle* I have to think these things up, you know? Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono, so we had quite a fight." - [the younger] Edie Beale

(at about the 3:21 mark)
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Soooo, if YOU got this "gotcha" question after touring Boston, "What have you seen so far today, and what are you going to take away from your visit?", ummmmm... how would YOU answer?

Well, Sarah Palin said, "He who warned, uh, the … the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringin’ those bells and, um, by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that, uh, we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free … and we were gonna be armed."

Another best part about this story? FoxNews used an SNL photo of Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin as a photo of Palin in their coverage of the story - 2 years into their "zero-tolerance" stance on journalist errors on air.

THAT, my friends, is exemplary karma.

It's also very scary that Palin's die-hard supporters were changing the history of Paul Revere's ride on Wikipedia to match Palin's claims ABOUT the history. Wikipedia kept changing the history back to what its truth. It's truly scary that in our country, there are people in 2011 that revere a celebrity more than their nation's true history.
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We're leaving tomorrow after I'm done working for Sharon Springs, NY! We're heading up there for the Spring Festival and staying in The American Hotel. All sound familiar? Well, it might because of the Fabulous Beekman Boys of Beekman 1802 on Planet Green.

Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson (of the DNR Show on Sirius OutQ Radio) will be working in the Beekman 1802 Mercantile all weekend with the Beekman Boys. We listen to them practically every day and I've posted conversations I've had with them over the last couple of years. We're hoping to see lots of local celebs there and get to chat with them all. Plus, staying the one night in the Bears' hotel tomorrow night, we might enjoy dinner there Saturday evening before coming home.

We haven't gone anywhere, really, since Christmas, so this is will be a nice little side trip. Haven't packed yet because we weren't sure whether we'd get the hotel reservation or not. They called us back late this afternoon just before I shut off my work computer.

This is the weather for the weekend:

Can't wait! We're also breaking in Matt's new car for the road trip. Should be fun!
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While we were in LA, one of our day trips was to the back lots of Warner Brothers. Matt's sister is REALLY connected to lots of people and places, which is great for us. We took lots of pictures, but only a few of them could I post from the back lots and stages. There were movies and TV shows in production, for which we can't show the sets till after they all air. So, I'm sharing judiciously.

We were escorted and introduced around initially by Robert Duncan McNeill, aka Tom Paris from Star Trek Voyager (yes, I got a picture with him). Robbie, as he introduced himself, is the director of Chuck! We got to see them filming a few of the scenes!! It was an interesting thing to participate in and see happening up close and personal. During the day we saw (from a distance and) met a few of the stars from the show: Scott Krinsky (met - very cool guy!!), Adam Baldwin (met - is VERY strange), Jesse Heiman (met - also on Glee!), Joshua Gomez (saw from a distance), and a couple others, including some of the SWAT guys from the set.

After Robbie left us, we basically had free reign of the back lots - he let us in, gave us a short tour, and then let us loose! It was REALLY cool! The only drawback was that we didn't know what buildings or sets were used in which shows. The only places we knew were used in certain filming was plaques on the Stages. We did, however, find buildings from the sets of the Gilmore Girls, Two and a Half Men, and TRUE BLOOD!!

Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive were our next quick destinations. We finally made it to sushi for my birthday dinner, which was REALLY good. The maître d’ at the restaurant was exceptionally handsome and had that questionable lingering eye contact. That was a fun day.

Still working on the other photos from that week. 4000+ photos are hard to work through and hone down into bite-sized chunks!!
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We were invited to a birthday party in Manhattan last night (the 3rd one this month!). The party was on the upper deck of the Empire Hotel, which overlooks the Lincoln Center. I took some pretty good pictures, but of course, the later it got, the tipsier the pictures became.

In one of the other bars, we heard that Peaches (of Peaches and Herb) were doing a photo shoot. So, we went to where they were and saw Peaches and Herb (who's no longer with us). He sang Reunited to my friend whose birthday it was. REALLY cool!!

I also remember playing belly bump with a cute Greek daddy for some reason. His wife loved my belly, as did he. It was a really fun evening of cheers, smiles, and merriment.

Off to another birthday dinner get-together, but much smaller - four of us meeting at Peasant in SOHO. Amazing restaurant. I already know what I'm getting: the sauteed skate wing. Delicious!

I'll be uploading the video (of Peaches singing) and photos later on tonight or tomorrow. Still working on the 4000+ pictures from LA. It's a lot of work!
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This is sooooo sweet! Awesome!

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I posted this directly on FB earlier and I want to see how quickly this post comes across. What do YOU think and how do you read this?

We were watching Jon Stewart's interview with Betty White, who we love to watch. I helped (with millions of other FB folks) get her on SNL as the host (I don't know if I really believe that FB or viral social pressure actually did the trick, but that's another story). But toward the end of the interview, Jon asked her, "Now, is there anything you won't do in the show?" I think he was pointing toward nudity, sex scenes, maybe profanity, etc.

We love Betty White, but she seems to contradict herself between the interview and the scene that's shown in a commercial - directly after her statement: "I don't think drugs are funny and I won't do jokes about drugs..." watch & listen - YOU decide.

(And, yes, I made this video montage this evening from camera recording to my desktop, through editing and splicing, then production, upload, and annotation. Very exciting, indeed!)

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I'm so sad and disappointed right now!! We just heard on the radio that All About Me closed. So, I went online to see if it was true. Sure enough, it closed LAST WEEKEND!!

My buddy, Joey, and gotten the tickets for us about a month ago, and called last weekend to say that he got a credit on his credit card for a certain amount. I said, "Maybe they thought you didn't show up for a particular show or something and you lucked out!" Turns out that since the show was canceled, all the upcoming tickets were refunded.

I was soooo looking forward to seeing Dame Edna in person. I had heard that the reviews weren't that great, but other shows that had some bad reviews stayed open for at least a month or two, which would have gotten us in to see it. But, they opened the show on Mar. 28, 2010, and it closed Apr. 4, 2010 - less than two weeks later!

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Zelda Rubenstein died today. I think she was a cool actress and, of course, everyone remembers her from Poltergeist.

On OutQ Radio just now, the announcer said, "Oh, you remember her? She wasss the sssuper-tiny-psssychic from Poltergeist! I hope she goesss into the light and ssseesss Carol Anne..." and you could hear him picturing the scene in the Afterlife.

I'm all for remembering people in a happy way, smiling about the life they led, if there wasn't a lot of tragedy. With Ms. Rubenstein, she left no family behind, which is sad. She lived till she was 76, which is happy. Her suffering was short - about 1-2 months (as opposed to 2-3 years), and in the last few weeks she didn't really know what was going on (taken off life-support - apparently - just around Christmas '09).

His comments hit me in a bittersweet fashion making me giggle the gayness of his voice saying, "sssuper-tiny-psssychic," remembering the lady that made me cringe during Poltergeist and tearing up a bit at the same time. Oh, and she was great in Sixteen Candles. She worked hard and for that, she'll be remembered well.
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The other day, I mentioned that [livejournal.com profile] erstexman was my "Doppelgänger".
My usage of that term was more in line with the actual German direct meaning of the word, which is a double walker - a person who does what you do somewhere else in the world doing what exactly what you're doing in the opposite direction, so that you two never actually meet. HOWEVER, in looking up the word in English, there's a sinister or negative connotation stemming from movies or 18th century stories where the Doppelgänger was a foreboding figure, which wasn't my intention. Upon further investigation, I think I prefer the term "body double". Interestingly, the term is most commonly used in the context of head-to-toe (or nearly) shots involving nudity. Whereas that may have been the case in a few instances, in reality, I'm only meaning to imply that we (as he's also noted) have experienced very similar things throughout our lives.

In his most recent post, [livejournal.com profile] erstexman mentioned being a camera whore. That's me through and through. Whenever there's an opportunity for me to appear on TV, in the newspaper, or on the radio, I'm there.

In college, I was on the news a few times when reporters were on campus. After my first study abroad summer, the local newspaper called me for an interview and my face was on the front page of the "Lifestyles" section. Recently, my father and I were both interviewed for the same newspaper talking about the trip we took to Russia.

When I moved to Princeton, NJ, I was on the radio one morning during a morning show on PST. At around the same time, I met Connie Chung (yes - the Connie Chung!!!) and sang The Star-Spangled Banner for her on Madison Avenue because John Bon Jovi had canceled his singing the song at the opening of a Mets or Yankees game and the local news was "taking auditions" on Madison Avenue. I happened to be there and sang the song. I didn't get the recording, but apparently it was not only really good (from the mouth of Connie Chung), but good enough to make it on the nightly news, which I missed. Friends of mine in the area called me that night screaming into the phone that they'd seen it, which was exciting, but, again, I missed it, and no one recorded it because they didn't know I was going to be on!

On our way out of town in San Francisco, Matt and I were interviewed (because I approached the reporter excitedly) about smoking cigarettes. We kept checking back on the website to see whether we made it on, but, alas, the interview never made it on the newscast at all as far as we know! Ho hum.

Most recently, I was on a TV show on FLN called Bartender Wars commenting on a drink. I had about a 10-second spot where I say, "The shot tastes like lipstick! I'm a guy; I don't wanna taste lipstick!"

And my eyes are still always peeled for my next spot on TV or newspaper interview. Who knows? One day, I might have my own TV show or my own newspaper column!
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Matt thought it would be cool to list out the celebrities we/I met or saw in 2009. Here's the list:

James Gandolfini (NYC)
Leslie Jordan (Ptown)
Jeff Daniels (NYC)
Hope Davis (NYC)
Marcia Gay Harden (NYC)
Quentin Earl Darrington (NYC - Ragtime)
Alan Cumming (DC)
Bobby Flay
Egypt Sherrod

Val Kilmer
Hugh Jackman (NYC)
Daniel Craig (NYC)
Lady Gaga (DC)
Cynthia Nixon (DC)
Kim Kardashian (in a store in SOHO - NYC)
Mike Straka (NJ - met in 2008)
Craig Bierko
David Letterman
Lauren Graham
Oliver Platt
Cheyenne Jackson
Seth Rogan
Adelle (British singer)
Ryan Di Lello (SYTYCD - at the local grocery store in Edgewater!!)
Billy Hector

Danced with
The Cast of Hair
The Male Cast of Fuerza Bruta

Retired Local Cabaret Celebrities
Vinny Costa
Thomas Privitere

This list is a LOT longer than I initially thought it would be. YAY!
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Yesterday afternoon Matt uttered, "Whoa. Wow!" under his breath, but audible enough from the other room.

"Honey? You gotta see this guy! I think we have a new winner!"

I went into the living room in front of the TV and Matt said, "You might wanna sit down for this one," and played the Tivo from where he paused it.

This is the guy we saw on screen:

This is how we saw him on our screen throughout two episodes of his show:

(Make sure you open the full image sizes for the full effect; unfortunately, there were no opportunities in the episodes we saw for me to get a full body shot... *sigh*)

His name is Barry Klinge and he's one of the brothers on Ghost Lab on Discovery Channel. Mike Rowe does the voice-overs and has more to say on this show than on Ghost Hunters - for good reason. The Klinge brothers are kinda dumb, but book smart, and tend to sound dumber when they're trying desperately to sound more intelligent or learned than they are. That aspect of the show makes them, and Barry in particular, SO MUCH HOTTER!!

These guys tend to wear shorts on their "investigations". What's sad is that even though this guy, Barry, is practically one of the hottest bears on TV (who's clearly clueless that he might have a gay subculture following), we'll probably not be able to stomach the show because they never attain the goals they set out at the beginning of the show. It's an entertaining show just for the dumb jock showing, but if we miss a show here or there, the sky won't fall.
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A friend of mine from my bowling league (that is no more, btw - 'nother story) invited me and a couple of friends (Matt was one and Joey was another) to participate in Bartender Wars. Bartender Wars is a pilot show for a new show on FLN (Fine Living Network). It was a fun experience, but hard to do after spending a full, hot, June day at the Javits Center in Manhattan running around eating gourmet foods at the Fancy Food Show. We then had to trek over to the Lower East Side to partake in cocktails.

We discovered when we got there, we could have any drink we wanted and there was free food! Then about 90 minutes later after signing umpteen thousand documents stating we wouldn't expect monetary compensation for being in the shots on TV, we went upstairs to drink our friend's drinks!

Vinnie was one of the contestants and the competitors had to make drinks out of Scotch and other additives. They also had to jump through many odd hurdles to win the title of Bartender Winner (?), I think. It was fun and we got free booze!! WOOHOO!! How bad can that be? It was really fun.

Matt, Joey, and I were visible throughout the first half of the show in different areas. In the middle of the show, the hostess, Egypt, is interviewing me about the cocktails. In reality, she talked to me for about 5 minutes and the cameras we all over me - just me - in the bar. On screen that got translated to about 10 seconds of air time. Pretty cool, though, how they set the whole thing up!! I'm going to try to get the spot of me on YouTube, but it might be copyrighted; if it is, it'll get pulled. But if that one 10-second spot's not that big of a deal (typically more than 30 seconds is a big deal), then I'll be able to post it there and link it here!!

Fingers crossed! Also, for those who have FLN, see if you can find the Scotch challenge for Bartender Wars - a repeat; watch it! I'm in it!! WOOHOO!!


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