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Almost two weeks ago, we had a quite literally "shitty" flight down to Florida.  We had also been denied nut-containing products from their snack selections because someone in our rows 3-6 apparently very sensitive nut allergies.

This week, our flight was delayed by about 45 mins. Why? Because the plane had flown in from Bogata and needed to "clear customs"... aka "get fumigated and cleaned out of drugs", I'm sure.

When we did board the plane and got to our extra leg room seats in row 5 (I was on the window and Matthew in the middle), our aisle-seated neighbor was a full-grown young woman who happened to be about 2.5 feet tall. Yes, a midget. Yes, a midget, who paid extra for more leg room. Why would a midget need extra leg room?  She treated the space like it was her apartment. She hopped down to organize her stuff in the pouch in front of her, reached into her grocery bag, pulled out some snacks, and hopped back into her seat.  As we were deplaning and walking carefully over her, she was in the middle of folding a tiny pizza whilst laying on the seat with her ankles in the air.

Then Matt went to turn on his TV on his display. The first channel that displayed a show was presenting the Wizard of Oz!!  And which scene exactly??!  Yes. The Munchkin scene where Glenda is saying, "Come out, come out! Wherever you are!" Matthew nudged me to look at the screen, we both looked at each other startled and he changed the channel quickly.

Of course, Matthew and I during the flight couldn't discuss these things because that would have been rude and inappropriate. But we were confused. She seemed like a nice enough woman, but didn't have much to say. The only time she needed assistance was from the flight attendant with her tray table and from Matthew to hit the flight attendant button; standing on the seat, she still wouldn't have been able to press that button. :-(

Before we landed, one of the flight attendants ran up to the front and said, "Is there a doctor on board? We need a doctor in row 5 immediately!"  THAT WAS OUR ROW!  Of course, Matthew and I side-glanced toward our neighbor who was as happy as a clam laying on her ENORMOUS seat, as if it were a chaise lounge, playing with her iPad. Then about 10 people behind us said, "NINE! ROW NINE!"

As we were descending, something happened to one of the passengers and had to be evacuated once we landed in a sit-up stretcher. We overheard an EMT or police officer say, "Yeah, we have a possible code 16."  We found out later that code number meant that there was something to do with alcohol abuse, medication overdose, and/or mixing of the two combined with the cabin pressurizing and depressurizing.  So, even though the pilot did get us landed safely 15 minutes late instead of 45 minutes late, we all waited about 15 minutes while the sickly passenger and his wife got off the plane. 

While we waited for everything to settle, I called our driver just to confirm that we'd just landed and they hadn't updated our new flight from when I'd called the week before. So, they thought we were supposed to arrive at 2AM on Monday!  Needless to say, I said, "Well, we probably have about 20-30 minutes before we have our baggage and are ready to get in the car, which should be enough time to get to La Guardia from NJ."

The driver made it (somehow!) to the airport in 15 minutes from across the George Washington Bridge.  We were amazed as was his dispatcher, and we made it home in one piece by 10PM, just in time to place the last order from our local Chinese place.  It was a long, adventurous day to say the least.


Apr. 24th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Here are pictures from time we spent on board the Brilliance of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship (no destinations are covered here - this is simply a brochure for the trip, if you will).  The ship is pretty old, but it still has a lot of charm.  Enjoy!   
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I've made a mission to get through constructing the updates to and posting the 1st Greece trip to Athens and Sounio (I know - the Map calls it Sounion, but all the signs say, "Sounio"...).  Anyway, it was an amazing day in Athens and would definitely want to return to Greece - in particular the Greek Isles, but that's another post for another day.
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Here are my pictures from our 6-day trip to Barcelona before embarking on our 10-day Mediterranean cruise in August. Enjoy!!


(Not sure if this embedding will work here yet, but here's trying:)

Barcelona Days
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Sitting here, I'm truly grateful for Matt's family. We are faced with an extra 4 days of vacation though we are really ready to be home. We've been traveling for 3 solid weeks and have been to 6 countries and easily 12 cities. While we've been gone, NY had an earthquake and is now prepping for hurricane Irene. We'll sit in southern Italy with little A/C, sketchy Internetz, and no work drinking wine and eating pasta. Buono appetito!!
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Well, after long last, I'm posting a little something. Haven't really been in the mood lately much, but here's something that's in the works.

Matt, me, and his sister's family are all heading to Europe for a couple of weeks this summer. We're all really looking forward to it, too! As I've written before, we've traveled with them before to L.A., Disney World/Land (3x), the Bahamas, and around NY / NJ. They're a fun bunch and we always have fun. Matt and I also find time to break a way a little for our own time together, too, which is important to the travel health of the bunch of us.

This trip will be interesting. Thanks to me and my big mouth, we're taking a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Ephesus and back for 11 days (we're getting off the boat in Naples). Before the cruise, I'm hoping that Matt and I can get to Barcelona for a few days. Once we get off the boat, we'll head to Peschici to spend a few days with Matt's and his sister's family for a few days on the beach - on the spur of the boot.

Here's a look at our cruise with the ports of call:

I haven't been to Europe in about 2 years, and am really looking forward to this trip! The ship looks beautiful and I really enjoy cruises. I also don't tend to gain a lot of weight on them because we're always on the go when we're at port.

Before that trip, though, we're already set for Bear Week 2011 in Provincetown, of course. It's our favorite vacation ever. This year, we're VERY excited that [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim and [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu are coming out for it, too! Really looking forward to spending a week with those wonderful men. BTW, who else is coming to Ptown for Bear Week?

Somehow with all this traveling, I feel like I'm playing hooky from my profession(s), but in the end, it's my life. In the end, if I have the time and the funds, I should use them. Goodness knows, I'm not getting any younger! Once in a while, I catch Matt and me looking back through all the pictures of the travel whirlwind that was 2008-2010. We're just extending it a bit.
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Here's the UK collection of cruise photos. Trust me - I save you a LOT of grief - if you're going to look at them. I shaved off over 500 pictures for this - down to no more than 150 pictures. Plus, I tell you some fun stories.

Hope you enjoy! I enjoyed putting this all together. Was really fun researching some places, too!
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Copenhagen was a lot of fun for both of us. We had two very informative and not terribly overlapping tours of the city; one of them had a cool boat & harbor component. I fell in love with Copenhagen and the time we had there was perfect. When we had reached and gone through Tallinn, I had thought I wouldn't be able to find yet another city interesting - especially one I had visited already years ago with my brother.

However, the city proved me wrong. I got a new spring in my step. Maybe because I was officially going to be in my 40s whilst seeing the sights. Not sure. But I found myself walking and walking and walking and not wanting to be done taking in the city - even when we were leaving.

One interesting thing that happened to me in Copenhagen was while walking around town taking pictures on my birthday, August 5th. I was minding my own business looking at all the buildings and people, alone, not thinking of anything in particular when I passed this "guru", we'll call him. Well, he wore a turban, looked Hindu, and had a very Indian/Sri Lankan accent.

He spoke to me in English and said, "You have a very happy aura about you - a very happy and positive aura, but your focus right now is fully on someone else and not yourself. You are always thinking about this other person to make sure that their needs are met before yours; that's very selfless and good. In the next two months - by October - you will experience something new and different and your life will change. Can I read your palm? I would very much like to read your palm."

I've run into many fortune-tellers, soothsayers, and gurus (or clairvoyants) in my day, but none had ever been this forceful or approachable. Many of them want to read my palm - even for free - and you know they all want money for their information somehow. Didn't know where this was leading and when I'm alone in a big city I'm always wary about my surroundings (learned this in Vienna, Austria, of all places). If a stranger - like this - starts talking to me, I start looking (inconspicuously) around to see who might become my pickpocket.

Nothing happened and I thanked the guy. But of course those kinds of instances make an impression. Things he said were true. I am a happy person. I am a positive person. How'd he know that my focus was on someone else - my dad? I felt my "self" being selfless the entire trip with my dad - how does that feeling or exertion translate to facial or bodily expression when you see someone on the street? Maybe because I was looking around him to see who was with him. Dunno. It was all very interesting.
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I know; everyone's been thinking, "Where the hell are Stephen's Copenhagen pictures?? I can't believe it's taken this long!"

Well at long last, here they are. Just so you realize, I chopped out a massive 1023 pictures from my collection of Copenhagen pictures to make this small album of 184. THEN, since we did some touring on foot without the knowledge of a tour guide, I hunted around for explanations of what we saw. That was pretty cool. In this, the information age, it was pretty confounding to notice that everyone has pictures of Copenhagen, but not many folks have good collections of information about the city - in one or two places. Nope, I hunted for days for some information on certain buildings, squares, or statues.

One thing I hadn't expected on the cruise when we departed was passing by the southern coastline of Sweden. I got MANY more pictures of the coastline and the buildings and towns, but you'll notice some pretty cool things we saw gratuitously - just because we had to go that way. Very cool!!

Enjoy the pictures and the stories!
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At long last and with much tribulation, I'm finished with this album. I truly loved this city. I could go back and spend at least a week there exploring every nook and cranny of the Old City. The culture and the language really both intrigued me as well. The history of the nation and its people is fascinating. I can't really stop talking, thinking, and dreaming about this town, actually. Here's a small glimpse into Tallinn, Estonia. Enjoy!!
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This is pretty cool. My sister called the local newspaper in my Dad's town a couple of weeks ago - after we got back from our cruise - for them to interview him about his trip, in hopes of an article in the newspaper: an 85-yr-old man who got up off his Lazy-Boy and went to Russia.

Check it out!

This is the picture I sent them for the article along with a couple extra ones:

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At long last, here are pictures from our trip to St. Petersburg, Russia - no museums, just city views. The city itself is a museum. Palatial and stunning. Breathtaking and gorgeous. They're working hard to renovate and restore the city overall, so we did see a lot of construction everywhere. But, if you've never been there, these pictures will give you a feel for the city for sure. Enjoy!!
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Check this out - it's a video recording of my Dad talking about meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury. He recited this story to every British person he met, sometimes three or four times a day. So, I recorded the interaction a couple of times.

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Here's a video of an accordion player in Germany on the way into the town of Warnemuende. It was really cool hearing that music while watching all the people at the dock.

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Here's a video of us leaving port in Harwich. You can hear a little band playing us off on shore in the distance. Nothing special, really, just kinda fun. This is one of my few YouTube posts.

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Here are three albums:

Helsinki, Finland

St. Petersburg, Russia - The Hermitage Only

St. Petersburg, Russia - The State Russian Museum & the Church of the Spilled Blood (that's the church's short name)

I separated out my pictures from St. Petersburg into three albums (currently working on the third), so that if someone only wants to see museums, they can, or if they want to see city, they can, and neither will have to fast-forward through the things they don't wanna see. Hope you enjoy these.
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Here's my latest album posting - these are from tours of Stockholm. I took the pictures from about 370 down to about 130 - fewer than half!!

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I certainly hope that no one's getting tired of pictures!! Here's the album of photos from northern Germany - two port towns that started as heavy trade cities with Scandinavia: Warnemuende and Rostock. Had a blast there and visited a local, lovely brewery.

Check out our touring! Enjoy and don't forget to comment on the photos!
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Here's the second installment of photos from my cruise. These are photos mostly from the ship and during days at sea when not much was happening. Enjoy!!


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