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The afternoon was really great!! I actually got a red apple pin because I hit 40+ points over my average! My second game was a respectable 179, which surprised me and our opponents. Very happy and really looking forward to dinner.A business associate of Matt's invited us to dinner.
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My morning games were OK. I ended with one pin under average, which is 118 (yes, know it's not great, but I'm ever increasing it). I'm expecting that the afternoon will be better.
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The first games averaged out so far to be 1 point over average. My first game of the day was terrible, though, and for some reason, I was nervous!! I'm never nervous bowling. It might have been because I was the first in the lineup on my lane.

The cool thing is, though, we're meeting some really excellent people and other bowlers. This is so much fun, even though I'm kinda sucking right now.
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We had breakfast in the room (blackberries and yogurt). Now, we're at the alley - Syosset Lanes - and I'm gonna be the first in line. Hope the lane and the ball are happy today!!
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Matthew and I are heading to the 22nd Annual Gotham Open (bowling tournament). Looking forward to it, and really looking forward to the road trip! As you can see, for the event, I have created a new User Pic - a new Simpson's Avatar. Same silkscreen, I know, but different colors and hair to match what I look like now! LOL!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates throughout the weekend of my successes, trips, trials, and tribulations!

As if [livejournal.com profile] hugthecub with his new DSL connection, or [livejournal.com profile] kenwoodville with his man for the weekend, or [livejournal.com profile] mondragon with his gardening, or [livejournal.com profile] showmeonthedoll would really care that I'm on Long Island all weekend. Their activities will be much more interesting to be sure...

But [livejournal.com profile] peterpandanyc, [livejournal.com profile] madlizard and I (among others) are gonna be bowling for dollars all weekend.
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Here are the long-awaited photos from last weekend in DC. We went bowling, did horribly over all ([livejournal.com profile] madlizard keeps reminding me that my doubles weren't that bad). If you can't see any of the photos, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. They're in flickr.com, so I could just add you to my contacts list...


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Home again, home again jiggity jig. Don't know where that originates, but my dad always said it. I'm waiting for Matthew to pick me up from the scary and eerily astrologically decorated Newark train station. We were here just a mere two days ago after fighting our way through traffic and rain for me to leave. We were so stressed that before I left and just after dinner, we bought a pack of Camels. We both smoked one apiece and I kept the pack, which I finished smoking today. And, no, that's not why I did poorly bowling, mind you; smoking helped me destress from my crappy scores, and they make beer taste that much better. plus, it was cool feeling like a true grit / redneck, smoking, drinking, and bowling for almost two days.

It'll be good to be home. It got cold here quickly!
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The end of the tournament has drawn nigh. The banquet is later, but I'm not heading there - miss my husband too much and I just wanna be home.

My last score of the last of the three games today was 114 - my entered average. At least I did get up to that today - took a beer for me to slow down and concetrate. What does that imply about my bowling abilities? I suck without some kind of medication!

We're on the way back to the hotel where I'll pick up my suitcase and beat a trail to Union Station. It'll be great to get on that train and go to sleep. Guaranteed I'll be sleeping at least 2 of the three hours.

One of the coolest things about the tournament was winning the Washington Blade basket. The basket was MONGO. Full of CDs, DVDs (music vids), and literature. I was very surprised and found out (late) that for having registered early, we got raffle tickets for free and this was one of the prizes! We'll enjoy that stuff.

So, I'm $500 poorer and my weekend average was horrible. I learned a lot though, got lots of pics, and did have fun. Can't wait to get home and get a bear hug... or two... or three.
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I keep telling myself that, "It's just a game," but honestly I so want to do better and better. My average on the whole has been increasing over the years and sometimes that's solice enough personally. It just sucks that when in with my team, in a tournament, with everyone elses' scores and efforts on the line that I can't bowl better this weekend. I shoulda had less wine last night and gotten a better night's sleep. It's encouraging, though to have teammates like [livejournal.com profile] madlizard and [livejournal.com profile] peterpandanyc around to offer support, expertise, and observations for improvement.
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This morning's bowling festivities started promptly at 10:00 AM. The first team game has ended and [livejournal.com profile] madlizard has been giving very helpful advice and suggestions to improve my throws. Much to his and my chagrins, I bolwed only a 98 in the first game. Is it time for a beer yet? The alley's being kinda brutal today.
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I got bowled a 2-7-10 split as a spare!! [livejournal.com profile] madlizard and I are bowling doubles, and he's sooo encouraging and helpful. All he had to say was, "You can do this!". Well, I did it and it feels wonderful. Two times in my bowling history I've made a spare that was beautiful and this was one of them.
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There's an award for getting a score 40+ points below your average: an ass (a donkey anyway). I got a 95 the 2nd game this afternoon. I certainly FEEL like an ass, but alas, I didn't even win an ass pin much less achieve my average. Need a lot more beer.
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I swear I posted a couple of renditions after the 2nd game post and friends got the notification, but nothing's showing up.

Could had a better run of this morning's games, but it didn't happen. Got a 112 in my last game of the first set this morning, which makes my avaerage in the singles a 104: 10 points down.

Right now, my first game this afternoon was MUCH better: 124. Sustenance is vital when playing sports. Yes, bowling is a sport! I'm sweating, ain't I?
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A girl we're bowling with had cobwebs in her head... Not sure why, but she needed a little boost. I suggested to her the Red Bull + 2 Advil remedy and she keeps bowling strikes and picking up spares... Maybe I should do one, too! Have stayed away from Advil / Ibuprofen for a while, since I discovered my legs' cappilaries were bursting, making little freckles over time. Don't think that's a good idea for me.
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Finished the first set of games with a crappy average. My last game was a 112. Hope these afternoon games are better. I need a nap.
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You'd think the service folk would realize we're in the MIDDLE of our game and wait a little while. They're fixing our ball return.
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Ok. By this point, I typically bowl better - in the 2nd game. Not today! Just bowled a 93. Now, my average for the tournament is 114 registered, even though on my league it's 117. Going down here - and not in the good way!

Needing another beer.
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My first game sucked! First time using my regular (still plastic and 16 pounds) sparkly bowling ball and I only bowled a 105. Ugh! Bring the singles down.

But at least my ball's pretty and sparkles down the lane. I keep hitting my leg and my shoulder hurts. Hopefully it'll get better today.
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I'm heading out to DC for the 2007 CHIT bowling tournament. Should be very fun. Meeting up with some friends in DC and hanging with them on Sat. night for dinner. Bowling with two of my LJ friends and another guy who's one of our subs at Chelsea Piers Monday nights.



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