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This morning at QuikCheck, the cashiers were trying to lure customers into visiting any QuikCheck at lunchtime for a free submarine sandwich. In order to get the free sub, you had to succumb to a hand stamp.

I had stopped there for veggie snacks on my way to work. It's a "quik stop" off the highway. I overheard the cashier explaining the "Sub Club stamping program" to a female customer ahead of me: Once the cashier stamps a customer's hand, the customer can go to ANY QuikCheck today to receive a free sub sandwich for lunch. The female customer didn't seem to be heading to work (wearing jeans and a polo shirt) and even seemed to consider getting stamped for a free sub later. But she declined.

However, that QuikCheck gets a LOT of business folks throughout the morning on their way to their office. How could QuikCheck possibly expect that these business folks (like me) would want a "Sub Club Stamp" on their hand when they're heading to work (I don't know if that was the title of the program, but it sounds funny...).

My excuse? As I glanced dramatically at my hand and tie, I replied in a short burst of overacting, "Oh, I coudn't possibly have a stamp on my hand like that at the office. **sigh** Thanks, but no thanks."  <-- Not that I would return to any QuikCheck for a free sub for lunch today.  I wouldn't have returned to any QuikCheck even if they had offered some other form of "program conformity", like a paper coupon because I eat my lunch at work.  But, I if I had given the real excuse, I couldn't have been so audibly and visually dramatic this morning. It was invigorating to give the pretense of being high maintenance.  B-)

Somehow the previous customer's lack of enthusiasm left a morning drama void that I had to fill.

The whole thing was strange this morning. Even the cashier was visibly bothered and annoyed at having to ask me to stamp my hand - she even knew I was going to say, "Oh, huh-uh."

I'd never heard of any store offering a hand stamp in the morning for something free at lunch. Stupid campaign.
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All this time whenever I posted something about my workplace (back when I had gainful employment), I selected the picture of the black building, thinking it was One Liberty Plaza. I've recently realized that that wasn't my building at all, but the Hilton Millennium Hotel two buildings down! The building on the right is Century 21. In the end, who really cares - it was close enough to make the impact, but now it's funny to me.
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Though I'm no longer commuting to work, I'm also not working. This is a happy flag in my blog at the moment to show my 5 month "milestone" (as it were) for being out of work. I think about the commute almost every day, though, and think, "Gosh, I miss the ride in, the texting with buddies, the blogging about sights along the way, and such." I even miss getting dressed in my fancy work clothes, overcoat, gloves, scarf, and nice shoes, and heading into the city. As silly as it seems (and as many people still to this day cannot fathom why), I love commuting in to work in the city. Somehow, I imagine, too, that even if I worked somewhere in Jersey City, Hoboken, or Edgewater where I could use public transport - handily - to get to and from work, I would love it. Too bad I can't make a job just out of commuting into the city and back!
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Last night I was at Washington & Bethune at an apartment working on bowling stuff with the Exec Committee members. At 11PM in that building, a 12-yr-old girl fell down the smoke shaft into the boiler room - 13 stories - and lived, walking away with a hip bruise (as far as they know right now). The girl lives in the building and was on the roof deck with frineds.

This morning I found out that there's a (RARE) solar eclipse happening at the time I get into the office - from 9:30 till 11 AM.

Then I predicted something to happen on the CW morning news and it happened within 30 seconds.

What is the universe telling me? Things are going to change much for the better, and I'll come out with very minor injuries, and I'll be helping people make the right decisions. I'm sure that's it. Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Bus Music

Jul. 30th, 2008 09:01 am
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There's a woman in front of me listening to the soundtrack of The Big Chill. Love that soundtrack.
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I counted 5 extra police cars, and 6 extra female cops. Lackluster. Ho hum. Here's hoping for scouts at Port Authority!!
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There's gonna be lotsa cops at the tunnel and PA today cuz of the NY Times climber last night. Looking forward to tight polyester and utility belts! Wahoo!
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On a bus when you can't get away from it or open a window and let the place air out, the worst smell has to be skunk roadkill. I suppose the second worst smell in the same situation would be either someone's three day old body odor (from no deodorant or no shower on a hot day or a smoker who just chain smoked and hasn't showered after cleaning up a trash bin. Yes, I've smelled them all. Today's skunk was especially pungent.
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Seatbelts work a hardship on boobies I imagine... Seatbelts seem to separate them uncomfortably. Looking into cars, I see these big' uns and the seatbelt seems to be so uncomfortable.
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The gas stations in Edgewater, Cliffside, Fort Lee, and this whole area have lots of beefy attendants. The Gulf station on River Rd close to the Galaxy is no exception: Hot Muscle Turks pumpin this morning ... Gas, that is. They're pumpin gas... But lookin mighty fine whilst stickin it in and fillin em up!!
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How does one look at and consider flip-flops a good option of footwear in the city? Never understood that. Espcially for the office. Especially. Granted, sandals aren't bad, but flip+flops? One word: puddles. Another couple of words: garbage truck puddles...

That's all I'm sayin...


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:13 am
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This guy in front of me on the bus is playing Sudoku. It's the DIAGONAL version!! Never heard of the diagonal version of Sudoku before and I haven't mastered the regular version yet, even though I have a Blackberry version. I play it from time to time, and for now it's challenging enough on a bumpy bus.
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I don't think I'd mind standing as much if the air were on, there were openable windows on the bus, or the driver weren't so brake-happy. Everybody's sweating. But worse than all that, this is my third or fourth day standing on the bus.


Jun. 12th, 2008 08:40 am
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I just heard about a friend's co-worker who is camping in his backyard because he doesn't have electricity in the house. Another friend of his is staying with him since Tuesday night because he won't have electricity back till Friday. It's bad out there. NJ and Queens got hit hard by the storms.
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I have on linen pants and a short-sleeved silk shirt. Still awful. There was supposed to be less humidity today.

Why are meterologists allowed to keep their jobs when they're so often wrong about their predictions? For that matter, we should employ astrologers instead. I bet they'd get more days' weather correct more frequently. The best meteorologists are around the Great Lakes. When the weather changes on a dime, "It's the lake effect.". That's their excuse, which while valid, should be their standard preemptive blurb discounting the weather predictions they make.
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This morning I of course diverged from my regular route because I came to Newark, NJ, for jury duty. It was great because after the lite rail to Pavonia/Newport, all the commuters were going the opposite direction from me. Once at Penn Station, I was able to find a cab to take me to the court house. Happy day cuz it's frackin hot today. It's going to get up to 99 degrees apparently.
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So I get off my subway at Port Authority and walk upstairs toward the building in the tunnel. I look down and see this pink plastic thing on the ground. Pearlesque even... As I'm walking further I start to think about the image and file through other Googlish images in my head. It was a TAMPON in a pink pearlesque casing. Didn't know they made em in those colors!
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Three times this week, (apparently) str8 guys have looked me up and down, in whatever outfit I'm wearing at the moment and looked as if they "approved of" my look. Not sure if it's my hair, my current stature, my clothes, the combo or what. I've simply noticed that they took notice of me and looked at least twice.

Now, how do I know they're str8? They're either with chicks or another (effusively obvious) hetero couple on a double date, wearing a wedding band, or my gaydar (well-honed) doesn't beep at all. Even when they look me up and down, there's no hint of overtone or subtext. It's all very interesting and makes me feel good.
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I have on a new shirt today. I bought it weeks ago at Macy's and because today's a dreary day, I figured it would brighten things up a bit. It's a Tommy Hilfiger with lots of flowers all over it. I had thought it might be too casual for the office, but women wear printed shirts and jackets and pants all the time. Not that this shirt's girlie or anything... Plus on the back of such a butch geh, it's bound to say to the world, "I'm a man who wears pink and flowers and am proud of it!"

For the record, it takes a man to wear pink and an even better man to wear flowers and pull it off.
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This lady gets on the bus this morning and says, "Sweetie, you got seats, I hope," to which the driver replied, "Yep, there are seats."

She proceeds toward the back of the bus and noticing someone she knew says happily, "Hi there! Hiya doin Doll Face?!" so that everyone in the bus could hear it. I'm not sure if it was a guy or gal who received that term. But "Doll Face"?? Who says that? Seriously. It's a term I attribute to a 1930s flick with Mae West at a bar, cigarette in hand over a glass of whiskey.

But on a NY-bound NJ Transit bus at 8:00 AM? A little outta place.


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