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So, it's day three of the aftermath of Sandy hitting NYC & NNJ (where we are). We are healthy and safe and that's the main thing really. It's hard to keep that in mind without electricity, TV, or internet, not to mention hot water.  But Matt and I have truly been making the absolute BEST of a bad situation. And even though we can't have a grill or natural gas in the condo, I am evermore astounded by and thankful for living in a high rise.  We have security, we have regular community updates, we have neighbors close by, and there are local businesses that are open and easy to get to.




Matt & I have also decided that once in a while, we'll eat solely by candlelight again. One, it's like romantical and stuff, and second, it'll -hopefully - keep this experience fresh in our minds. Of course hoping that something like this hurricane doesn't happen again to this degree in the near future, but also to remind us that we should totally unplug from time to time.

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Here's a heart-warming story about Norwegian lesbian heroes!

My sister posted this on her wall, and in order to reach the broadest audience for the greatest exposure, I've posted here in LJ and on Google+. Enjoy!!
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The other day, Matthew and I were listening to OutQ on SiriusXM Radio. It's a radio show that discusses news topics of the day pertaining to the gay community. At one point, Matt mentioned the a teacher in Georgia having threatened to take a hit out on a kid in his school for being gay. I couldn't believe my ears!!

In today's society, with the hate crimes bill just passing in October 2009 that helps to keep our kids safe from physical harm, a person in authority in a school would think this sort of thing was funny or alright to do! Thank goodness, the Clayton County school board did the right thing: They fired him!

What's amazing to me even more is that the teacher is African-American! His civil rights were just given to him and his race in the 60s and 70s making them full citizens of this country. It was as recent as 40 years ago that our schools were desegregated. Yet, this guy, an African-American man, decided it was a good thing to do to threaten a kid just because he is gay. The kid did nothing to the teacher; the teacher simply asked him if he was gay.

And here I thought our society was growing beyond the pain and ridicule I grew up with in my own schools. Hatred towards others is taught; it's not inborn. Hatred is horrible.
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Just watched Rachel Maddow's show from the other day. If you haven't seen these numbers, make a contribution at the foundation of your choice - or multiples! There are other places to donate listed on her page, too.

Text "HAITI" to:
American Red Cross - 90999 - Donates $10
International Rescue Committee - 25383 - Donates $5
Salvation Army - 52000 - Donates $10
The United Way - 864833 - Donates $5
The Clinton Foundation - 20222 - Donates $10

Olivia Wilde (the actress who plays 13 on House) stated that 100% of the proceeds from donations go to Haiti is you donate to Artists for Peace & Justice. Moving video on the site.

I'm so sad right now about this tragedy and this is one thing I can do RIGHT NOW. Please take a second and give a little. Every little bit helps.


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