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For about the last 9 months, I've been rimming the sky... aka playing Skyrim.  I think I'm finally done with the game. I well should be - after 9 months!!

All the main quests and complete and there are no hidden or undiscovered locations in the game; I even conquered some locations 2-3 times. All the treasure maps were found and treasure retrieved.  I located all the Stones of Barenziah and the Crown of Barenziah for reassembly into the paragon of the Thieves Guild (I also became a Nightingale). I worked through all the Daedra things, found all the Word Walls (one of the walls has a glitch in Xbox 360 - UGH!) and killed/banished the main dragon (without killing Paarthurnax). All of the Labyrinthian masks were located and placed onto the Dragon Priest Shrine for the extra mask to be revealed in the Bromjunaar Sanctuary. My character, Thalwyne, became all the thanes in all the holds possible, became a werewolf, bought all possible houses, has the most of the gold, the ingredients, food, scrolls, potions, and weapons in Tamriel... Even though you apparently can reach level 85 (??!) and I'm at the top end of 64, I think I'm done.

When I'm ultra bored or sick, I might go back in and make some potions, build some new weapons, and conjure some stuff, but for the most part, I can happily say, "I friggin got my money's worth!!"

Some pictures from my time in Tamriel... )LOVED THE GAME!!  Totally worth it!!  Need to stay away for a while...
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While it wasn't Broadway, a movie, a TV show or a commercial, it will apparently be a short film, festival piece, or festival submission.  This was my first "cold read" ever. I had no copy of the script. When I arrived, there were no copies of the script. When the guy walked out of the room - The Red Room (and, well, it was behind a red door) - and did a double-take at me, THAT's when I got a copy of three pages of the script. And I got to size up my competition right then - about the same build but looked a little doughier, different features, and didn't look quite as professional (IMHO). Not sure if that matters anyway. What does matter is that THAT guy had received the whole script like two days earlier via email. I got an email response for the audition, but no attachment. They had that guy run through the full script - 10 minutes or so - twice.

It was an interesting experience and I look forward to more of these. Matt gets the information from Craigslist and other places and goes. He's got some parts in upcoming festival pieces already!  There was a part that he really wanted to audition for last week, but he was just too sick to go, which was unfortunate. But, there will be more.

I had to read through the ethereal, surreal script twice. It's basically a 3-person script; my part was the support actor to the lead.  One read-through was with the first reader, who looked a lot like Zach Braff.  The second read-through was with the other selected opposite to my role. That guy - long, brown, curly hair, smelled faintly that he'd gone through a day - a little street-worn, yet actually wasn't all that hard on the eyes.  Both of these guys were very thin. The second guy seemed to understand his role better.

The great thing is, during the entire experience, I didn't have time to get nervous at all. My life doesn't depend on any level of acting or gigs. All that sort of weight is lifted off my shoulders already. It felt good to be there going through the process of learning lines off the page enough to emote something. THAT was cool.

Oh, and here's my head shot I'm using (Matt made it slightly more "head shot worthy"):
Steve Head Shot

Edits: Changed "art films" to festival piece and/or festival film, since the directors will be submitting these pieces to festivals. Also, "art films" tend to be code for porn, which these are not.
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I sort of had to get into the meme action because it's timely and historical - and HYSTERICAL! I picked up the hat at a sample sale in SOHO and had to show it off. Enjoy!
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This has got to be one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Maybe I'm tired or REALLY DESPERATELY needed a laugh, but I laughed so hard at this.

This is a video by Jenny Slate from SNL, who won't be returning for this next season. :-(

Jenny Slate was the one who in her first-ever appearance on SNL who dropped the "F-Bomb" on national TV (on the East Coast). She was GREAT.

Here's her with the car horns from SNL:

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We saw Cloverfield on Monday afternoon. I have to say that this movie (more than many other of late) has stuck with me since I saw it. Not saying that it was phenomenal, but the imagery and how it was delivered made it stick inside me - possibly simply from the desparation that was conveyed. Truly not for the faint of heart or those somehow still (and more than likely not consciously) dealing with PTSD after 9/11.

Specific about people over 30
General review stuff

There were so many leftover, unanswered questions. I suppose that's what the creators were going for. The other interesting point was outside of one, somewhat recognizable actor, for the most part none of the actors were from other mainstream movies or TV shows, which made it more realistic. I think that if (*sob*) Heath Ledger had been in the flick, it would have kept the movie more fully in the realm of fiction.


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