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Friday night - dinner with [livejournal.com profile] peterpandanyc at a New York-based German restaurant (had lots of beer - YEAH!!). Then went out for drinks and socialization at Ty's Bar, a local bear(ish) bar, on Christopher Street. Somehow the night seemed very Bree-ish in a way with tree-lined streets, quiet neighborhoods, shortcuts to places we know, meet-ups with people we haven't seen in a while, beer... good food, friends. Very Lord of the Rings in a way - also a brisk evening with colored leaves falling. Course, that's how it seems now. At the time, it was just another evening out on the town. Typically, too, people wouldn't see NYC that way at all. But I've come to see the CITY as a big town. Not the insurmountable metropolis that it once was to me.

Saturday and night Matthew and I didn't have anything to do, really, so we slept till about 12:00. Had a great little breakfast, then went to Cosco for Michale Kors dress shirts (I bought 4). We also bought three Ralph Lauren sweaters, and some Calvin Klein jeans, which are very exciting. When we got home, we watched TV and TV, and TV. Saw Pan's Labyrinth, which was really good, but sad. Gave me REALLY cool dreams, though, and I woke up feeling adventurous!

Sunday and night we got up late again, which was great because I could tell my body really needed good rest this weekend - especially after the long week I had last week. We went to Lowe's and bought a shower door for Matthew's bathroom (really hot guys at that place, and right next door is Home Depot - a gay bear's heaven). Then we dashed off to find Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but couldn't find one convenient and open (Bergen County has the Blue Law still, so we can't shop around here on Sundays). This morning when we were prepping to wash the sheets and pillow cases, Matthew discovered feathers upon feathers coming through his hypo-allergenic pillow cover - very unusual. We opened it to find thousands of feathers everywhere because one of the two cheap pillows we'd stuffed in there had burst. We were thus on a mission to find a new pillow for him. Didn't happen today. When we got home, we had an early dinner around 5:30 (for us that's early) and sank into the evening. Matthew worked on a website, and I washed clothes, the linens, and kitchen towels, put away clothes, cleaned the kitchen, and watched some TV. We make a great team, Matthew and me.


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