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Why are we humans obsessed with our doom, gloom, and damnation? What's in these theories of destruction for us? Yeah, we will all die, eventually, and our natural bodies will return to dust - individually.  I don't believe that we will all as a collective die at once or that there is a specific end of humanity. Why would God set something so wonderful, in his/her/its image, in motion only to stop it eventually? Does that by default mean that God has an end, too?

Terence McKenna (on 'shrooms when he) came up with his end of humanity theory in his book Timewave Zero that on Dec 21, 2012, we reach a "singularity of infinite complexity." This is the moment when all possible probabilities are equally valid; i.e. we're all dead.  He used the Chinese 1 Ching (not solely the Mayan calendar) to plot out periods of "novelty" in human existence, which all pointed to the Dec. 21 Dooms Day.

McKenna is one of 1000s of End of World, End of Earth, Dooms Day theorists. Every year there's a new one or two or 50.  Why not choose, rather, not to stress oneself or others out?  Why not sit back, relax, do your job, make friends, come home, make good food, and breathe?  Find blessing and peace in breathing and being.  If even for a day.  Srsly.


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