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Today marks Matthew's and my first decade together! It's hard to fathom that we've been together 10 absolutely wonderful years.

What a ride it's been!! We've worked, made friends, travelled, carried and supported each other through hard times, lived fully, travelled, and cheered each other along with our individual and combined achievements. Oh, and we travelled.

And, we finally got married - legally in NJ!!

I asked Matthew this morning on the way to work if he would mind staying by my side for another 5+ decades since this first one was so wonderful. He said, "Yes, my love."

I want more wonderful times with him - as much as life will give us.

Happy Anniversary, my love.  
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Today is the 9th anniversary of the first day Matthew and I met in person. I cannot believe we've been together for 9 years. At times, it feels like 6 months, but then I see my pictures folder and Picasa to find how we've chronicled our time together - so efficiently - except for the first year. Neither of us had a digital camera till about a year later, I think.

I will never forget parking my car in New Brunswick in front of my bank and seeing him standing outside Old Man Rafferty's on that Saturday. He was wearing a leather sports coat and jeans. His foot was propped up against the wall and he was looking toward my car with his hands in his pockets. My heart fluttered and butterflies were flapping around in my tummy. I remember thinking, "That's got to be him. OH MY GOODNESS, he's so much more handsome in person!"  (We had exchanged pictures, of course, and web cammed a couple of times during the week leading up to that Saturday.)

I went to the bank to get some cash for lunch and almost tripped onto the sidewalk because I couldn't stop looking at him from afar.  I walked down the street and couldn't stop smiling; I felt like a dork. His face lit up as I got closer and we shook hands. Frankly, I wanted to jump him right then and there. But, I waited... patiently. 

When we sat down to have lunch, I could not stop looking at his hands and face and shoulders. I don't remember the shirt he was wearing because I was so fixated on how beautifully handsome he was.  And he still is.  His laugh and smile are infectious.

Here's looking forward to the rest of our lives together. Needles in hay stacks, we were, but I've found my soul mate, who's become my best friend and partner over the course of 9 amazing years. Never thought it would be possible that I would find this man who wants to be around me and knows me so absolutely well - better than I know myself. And, I often ask myself and him, "Why the hell do you and can you put up with me?!" It's because he's a saint and I love him to death.

Happy anniversary, my love. You bring me so much joy, laughter, and love.
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Walking out of our hair salon yesterday, Matthew and I waved back at all the stylists and said, "Happy VD, everyone!" and they all waved back with smiles.

As we turned to walk out the door, Matthew heard a female customer with a very heavy NJ Italian accent say loudly, "Are they bruthahs?"

Wish we could have heard the response...

Then, at a diner about an hour later, a guy from another table walked up to me to ask whether my anniversary ring (below) was a championship ring. He approached me as if I were a celebrity and had an interesting look of anticipation on his face like I've never seen before. That must be how I look when approaching a celebrity after a Broadway show. Yes, I just said that after mentioning this guy thinking I was a football player.

(If you look closely, you can see "23" under the feather on the Indian's neck for 1923 - my dad's birth year!)

People are funny. I told Matthew that I should have said to the guy, "No, I don't play football, but I am a tight end." *wink*

Matthew gave me this ring for our anniversary. Isn't it cool?! I collect Buffalo Nickels and other coins, so this was a very thoughtful gift indeed. My right-hand ring finger is a 14, which is quite large. The ring itself is quite impressive in size, so you make it a 14 and it looks like a championship ring. No, I don't know enough about football to know how to have pulled off a "My dad, in fact, played for the Redskins when they won blah blah blah..." response to the guy.
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Last night at Centro Vinoteca, dinner was pretty good; not awesome, but OK!

When we came in... )

All in all, it was a pleasant venture. Looking over the menus, though, the brunch sounds like fun on a Sunday. Might go back there for a simple get-together with friends, but we'll probably start looking elsewhere for our anniversary dinner destination.
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Tonight for our anniversary, we'd been planning on heading for dinner at Centro Vinoteca, which is in the building where we had our first Valentine's Day dinner. It used to be a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass on 7th Ave.

Centro used to be Anne Burell's restaurant - Mario Batali's sous chef from Iron Chef. Burell's also got her own Food Network show that was picked up for another 13 episodes).

We discovered that the restaurant and Burell were both marred by a discrimination lawsuit (one of the article links above), which was eventually dropped. Matt and I surmised that it was brought on by opportunistic ex-employees who were disgruntled by getting fired or losing their jobs from the bankruptcy. Whatever the case, this might be the last time we go there for dinner. Burell is no longer the chef there. Then there's the cloud of discrimination over the place, which is a HUGE issue; the discrimination was of a different tenet than that with which I am familiar...

So, this might be the end of a yearly tradition of ours to visit either Centro Vinoteca or the original place we had met for lunch in New Brunswick - Old Man Rafferty's - too far to drive, really, for essentially bar food.
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Six years ago today, I met Matthew for the first time in person. We had spent about 48-60 hours talking on the phone, web-camming, and emailing before we met. We both drove to a restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ, which at the time was 40 minutes or so from each other, and a central meeting point.

When I saw him the first time from a distance, my stomach got all fluttery. My stomach still gets all fluttery when I wake him in the morning when he's still in bed (I'm the one that gets up early and makes our breakfast). He's so angelic and beautiful under the covers and sweet when he stretches.

Matthew's such a wonderful man and perfect husband for me. I'm so lucky.

Happy Anniversary, Matthew.


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