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It's gonna be a long road - not necessarily an arduous one, but a long one nonetheless - to reinvent Stephen. I went to visit some previous colleagues for lunch today and it was enlightening how much I didn't miss my job, the office, the building and the faces that much. Granted, there are a few people and their auras that I miss, but in general, I'm happy to be home and doing whatever the hell I want to do - for now. It's conceivable that this feeling of freedom and laissez-faire (que sera sera) attitude will grow tiresome and I'll "need to be out amongst the people" again (as my father used to say). But I'm content to let that take as long as it takes.

Lunch was good, the martini was pleasant, the conversation (as mentioned) enlightening, and the strolls up to and after lunch were great. It was a beautiful day today. There were hardly any clouds. Many interesting, attractive people were about. Our favorite neighborhood cafe (The Factory Cafe) is closed; they couldn't pay the $30K rent hike, so were forced to leave. Now the gorgeous space is being renovated to house an upscale clothing store. Ugh. That's not what the Village and/or Christopher Street need. But, still, I'm a firm believer that change is good.

So, off to finish watching "Under the Tuscan Sun", a couple of episodes of Oz (catching up on what I missed years ago), playing some Xbox, perhaps, or whatever the hell I want to do - like cuddle with my husband.
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