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These past few autumn weekends, there have been times in the morning or late afternoon that we have had the windows open at the kitchen table. Light, cool breezes whip the blinds about making a friendly "tack-tack... tack... tack tack". We are sitting at the kitchen table reading through our news feeds or looking up recipes for that evening's dinner.

It's around these quiet times of day when I hear familiar distant sounds that tug at my soul. These specific sounds are off the in the distance, so I cannot see what is making the sound, which further tugs on me. At each occurrence, I want to run to the office to post about these distant sounds.

These sounds always bring forth throngs of memories. Some sounds even remind me of smells, such as hanging out the laundry mid-afternoon or passing by barns where the smell pork curing sneaks onto the sidewalk. Other sounds make me want to book a trip somewhere or just get in my car for a spontaneous road trip! Most of the sounds remind me of my grandmother or my childhood.

Every time these sounds occur, we are sitting quietly in the house. I suppose at those moments of focus and stillness that my soul is most willing to listen. I'm probably most present in that stillness.

Each sound is unique. Each memory is unique. The season of the memory or place the sound takes me to is fairly distinct each time. I love those distant sounds.
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This is the surrealist compliment generator. Might even be good and helpful at the office!!

The first compliment it generated for me (being that I can be long-winded) was:

"The Green Paint on the Walls Clouds my Thoughts of Flying Planks of Wood, Much An ocean-going tin of cross-eyed mussels could never match the melodious burblings of your sister's husband."

The second one was:

"You are the sound of one lip kissing."

And the third was (drum-roll, please...):

"Soft sausages would gladly procreate in the bathwater of your verisimilitude."

Be sure to reload to get another compliment.
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1) I miss Angry Kid on Atom Films.
2) I wonder if the Sissy Squad finished their run (on Atom Films or elsewhere).
3) I like the way Bath & Body Works Apple Body Wash smells on me (holiday and festive).
4) I can't wait for my haircut - should I wear my contacts so I can watch the HOTTIE stylist cut hair from across the room?
5) I don't feel like I can peacefully read my book(s) or scrapbook properly until my storage unit is worked over - I need to rummage through there and give lots of shit to charity.
6) I love spending time with Matthew 24/7.
7) Looking halfway forward to the Christmas parties coming up this and next weekends.
8) Oooh!! I gotta get dressed!!


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