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We're leaving tomorrow after I'm done working for Sharon Springs, NY! We're heading up there for the Spring Festival and staying in The American Hotel. All sound familiar? Well, it might because of the Fabulous Beekman Boys of Beekman 1802 on Planet Green.

Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson (of the DNR Show on Sirius OutQ Radio) will be working in the Beekman 1802 Mercantile all weekend with the Beekman Boys. We listen to them practically every day and I've posted conversations I've had with them over the last couple of years. We're hoping to see lots of local celebs there and get to chat with them all. Plus, staying the one night in the Bears' hotel tomorrow night, we might enjoy dinner there Saturday evening before coming home.

We haven't gone anywhere, really, since Christmas, so this is will be a nice little side trip. Haven't packed yet because we weren't sure whether we'd get the hotel reservation or not. They called us back late this afternoon just before I shut off my work computer.

This is the weather for the weekend:

Can't wait! We're also breaking in Matt's new car for the road trip. Should be fun!
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