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These past few autumn weekends, there have been times in the morning or late afternoon that we have had the windows open at the kitchen table. Light, cool breezes whip the blinds about making a friendly "tack-tack... tack... tack tack". We are sitting at the kitchen table reading through our news feeds or looking up recipes for that evening's dinner.

It's around these quiet times of day when I hear familiar distant sounds that tug at my soul. These specific sounds are off the in the distance, so I cannot see what is making the sound, which further tugs on me. At each occurrence, I want to run to the office to post about these distant sounds.

These sounds always bring forth throngs of memories. Some sounds even remind me of smells, such as hanging out the laundry mid-afternoon or passing by barns where the smell pork curing sneaks onto the sidewalk. Other sounds make me want to book a trip somewhere or just get in my car for a spontaneous road trip! Most of the sounds remind me of my grandmother or my childhood.

Every time these sounds occur, we are sitting quietly in the house. I suppose at those moments of focus and stillness that my soul is most willing to listen. I'm probably most present in that stillness.

Each sound is unique. Each memory is unique. The season of the memory or place the sound takes me to is fairly distinct each time. I love those distant sounds.
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The subject covers two aspects of Ptown: 1) Provincetown, MA, in the winter when tourists aren't around... and 2) Matthew acting in an episode of a TV show called Off Season.
It's exciting to be in Ptown in the winter! We had a big, blustery, SNOWY winter storm Sunday - all day. And we made the absolute best of the day. We got up late and played on our pads for a while. The snow outside piled up to about 10"!!  Eventually, I dug us out to the road. Not a big deal, since the snow was fresh and light. But I had a small, trunk-ready shovel, so I had to be careful not to throw out my back. :-)
On Saturday, we drove around and took pictures, but it was dreary and rainy. We had our postponed anniversary dinner at Ross's Grille, which was fantastic! To drink, we had a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay. For dinner, it was raw oysters first, then locally sourced, sauteed mussels & clams - delicious broths! Our entrees were the Cape Cod Seafood Stew.  The Off Season dictates what restaurants stay open throughout the season, and which ones close for a while after the tourist season and WHEN they close before the tourist season starts up again.  Ross's Grille closed the day after our meal and we were served the last mussels, clams, and stews that they had. We really lucked out!
Sunday night, our dinner was at the Bistro @ Crowne Pointe, which is less than a block up the hill and has GREAT views of the Pilgrims' Monument, the Town Hall, and other historic buildings. We had Cake Chardonnay with deviled eggs, Italian bread, steamed mussels, and New England clam chowder for apps. Then, of course, we HAD to have a New England steamed lobster. Really great dinner, too.
Both nights we took in the "leftover" Ptown nightlife, which was light but fun and totally cozy. Most bars have a warm, cozy and glowing fireplace. The fireplaces reminded me of places in Germany, Austria, and Prague.
All throughout the weekend and in the weeks leading up to today, Matthew & I have been running over his lines over and over again.  It's been really fun.
Monday, we relaxed and got Matthew ready for one of his scenes. The shoot started at 3pm, so I drove around Ptown on my own to take pictures of the town with the snow. It was a bit disappointing because the incessant high winds blew away most of the snow in the course of the day.
I think I got some really great shots that capture the winter Provincetown, which most of the people that come to Bear Week every summer never see or can imagine.  Matthew hadn't messaged or called that he was done, so I went to the Governor Bradford pub for a glass of Chardonnay.  I had never been in that bar before; it's quite old and charming in its own right but I think there's no A/C in the summer, which is always the first and major deterrent.
While sipping my wine at the bar, I had probably the funniest experience ever by myself in Ptown - EVER!!: 4 fishermen in from their boats at the corner of the bar trying to outdo each other with their impressions of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. It was so difficult not to even crack a smile in the hopes that they wouldn't stop on my account and that they might take on other characters with their (pretty decent) impressions.
I made my way to the location of the shoot taking place in a restaurant that was new to us, Sage. Matt did an excellent acting job; members of the crew were very impressed and came to me tell me they were. *happy dance*
So, this trip we went to places and areas of town that we'd never visited before. We went to the Shipwrecked Lounge, the Porchside Lounge, The Little Bar at A-House, the Governor Bradford bar, the Squealing Pig, Sage, the town's US Post Office, the very end of Commercial St, and areas of the Province Lands and National Parks that were new to us.
All in all it's been amazing trip and it does not feel like 6 days. Given our druthers, Matt and I would probably want to stay until Sunday but he has to get back and teach on Thursday evening. Can't wait to review and post some pictures of Ptown in the winter!

It's Time

Nov. 7th, 2010 02:03 pm
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We turned the clocks back last night. "Spring forward and fall back..." echoes from my childhood.

(Thanks to EX-President GW Bush, we have a greater number of months for daylight savings time. Thanks to his legislation, companies spent billions getting new software up to par with the law around the globe! IMHO, it was TRULY unnecessary; our calculation of time was doing just fine. It was frivolous legislation that doesn't stick a feather in anyone's cap. I guess for a guy who considers his lowest point in his presidency being called (in so many words) a racist by Kanye West, it shouldn't surprise me how self-indulgent that action was. But, I digress; the point in this post was to talk about the "institution" of time.)

Does anyone remember the lessons we had to learn about time? How does one teach kids clearly about the long arm and the short arm, when children don't really have a concept of time? If you hang out with your nieces or nephew, or friends' kids, you'll soon notice that 20 minutes to them is like an hour. And an hour becomes "all day", especially if that hour is consumed by cleaning their room or doing homework.

Digital clocks are the bane of the time lesson, much like Velcro straps are for tying shoelaces. Atomic clocks are really cool. We've come a LONG way from the sundial, and gods-forbid(!) the sundial be set up in Ireland or the UK!! You'd be able to tell time for sporadic days about 2 months out of the year!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a month or so (or more) wherein we lost all concept of time? Personally, I think I would find it easier to just be: Be in the moment because the moment wouldn't be defined. Once you define a moment, that moment is gone and becomes a memory.

How long can an non-timed moment last?
Does sunlight grace your cheek longer because you won't rush through the sunset?
Will you see more deer in the country moonlight if you don't have to get ready for bed?

Each sentence I want to say next is wrapped in an element of time, which is both intriguing and tragic. We are finite and yet infinite. Time is definite, but memories and desires can be infinite.

I wish for a moment, time didn't dictate joy and sorrow, pain or pleasure, responsibility or freedom. I want for a month to take hold of a day without measure.

Yet, in a sense, I just realized, these last two years and four months of unemployment (from a full-time job) have afforded me an element of these postulations. All of a sudden, two years and four months later, my senses of time, responsibility, and "weekend" are becoming restricted by my duty to time, limitation, and constraint.

But, MAN, have Matt and I heaped in the memories over two years!!
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Throughout the last month or so, I've been taking lots of fall pictures - everywhere - from Newark, through NJ, and in NYC. If you're on Facebook, you might notice some duplicates; never hurts to see smiling faces again and again. Anyway, enjoy the photos!
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Our color hasn't started down here yet at all. We're heading to Puerto Vallarta next Thursday and I'm sure that by the time we're back, autumn will be here in full force.


I love seeing the build up of all the color, the wind, the birds leaving, and everything that goes with all that. Thank goodness we'll be home in about the middle of Oct. and will have time to do a pumpkin carving. We might have a contest at the house - 5-6 friends. Just a thought.

Autumn is probably my favorite season, until spring comes around. Then spring is my favorite.

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Very excited! Last year, my family gave me a balloon ride gift certificate for my 40th birthday. When I got the certificate, I was really excited and tried to plan a date to go, but wasn't able to set any dates because of our travel schedule. Well, even though we're leaving for DC on Friday morning, I set a date (because if I didn't right now, there's no guarantee I'd actually do it) for THIS THURSDAY, Oct. 8!! I cannot wait!!

The place is up in Poughkeepsie, NY, which is about 90 minutes up the Palisades Parkway. Matt is vehemently opposed to the idea.** (See below) The balloon ride facility Blue Sky Balloons looks very good. The guy, Bill Hughes, was very professional and friendly and set me a date right away with other folks who'll be going, too.

Not sure if it'll be the French way of balloon flight (where after the first balloon ride, you get a glass of champagne), so I'll be bringing my own bottle of champagne, much to Matt's chagrin. If you have QuickTime, you can check out the virtual tour from online or download the video, which I did. Check it out!!


** Matt's disclosed that he's not afraid of heights, but that he loves our life together and doesn't want me or him to die from wicker basket failure. I share his love for our life together, but that's not going to stop me doing something I've always wanted to do and to enjoy the excitement of it. And he's not trying to stop me from doing it.

I checked out the balloon meister's (love that term!) credentials. Here they are:

Blue Sky Balloons operates FAA certified balloons by FAA certified pilots & has been providing hot air balloon rides in the Hudson Valley, NY for over 36 years with a perfect safety record. Bill Hughes, a former Navy pilot, with over 9000 hrs of flying (everything from jets to helicopters), has been ballooning since 1970 and even helped Malcolm Forbes in 1973 fly transcontinentally!! Bill Hughes is an FAA-designated Pilot Examiner and Safety Counselor.

So, suffice it to say, I think I've researched the right guy to handle my first hot air balloon ride experience. Matt's not being a dick about it at all, though (as I may have implied); he's expressing his concern: he'd rather me not go, but being the eternal pessimist, he's just worried and has dreaded the prospect of me doing this all this last year. But all will be fine and I'll return having had a wonderful time.
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We were awake this morning for about 45 minutes before we discovered that it had snowed... as I was looking out the window and gawking lethargically at the blankets on the cars, it started snowing again! It even turned heavy for a few minutes. We went on about our day and it's all gone now. Cute, slushy, and history. Just enough for pretty crocuses and dwarf irises to poke through for the spring.
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I have on linen pants and a short-sleeved silk shirt. Still awful. There was supposed to be less humidity today.

Why are meterologists allowed to keep their jobs when they're so often wrong about their predictions? For that matter, we should employ astrologers instead. I bet they'd get more days' weather correct more frequently. The best meteorologists are around the Great Lakes. When the weather changes on a dime, "It's the lake effect.". That's their excuse, which while valid, should be their standard preemptive blurb discounting the weather predictions they make.
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Horror show in Manhattan today - flooding on Long Island, in Queens and the Bronx. None of the trains (no A, C, E, R, W, 4, 5, or 6) were running on either side of the island till about 10:30 and even then only intermittently. Plus, the train I finally got on was the R at 28th and Bway (after walking 12 blocks trying to get a bus - none running, either!!! - or a cab - 1.5 hour wait for one of those!) and I was a schweaty mess - thoroughly sweated through my shirt, and was happy I hadn't worn a t-shirt, which is part of my usual garb. In the city, I've really noticed that people don't care if they sweat, which is so unusual for me, but what are you gonna do? It's hot and humid with no A/C in the subway stations and some subways have problems with the A/C, too. Was waiting in the R station for about 15 minutes in sweltering, stale air watching two N trains running uptown and two Q trains (express passing that station...) downtown.

So, it took me the better part of 2 hours to get in, but I stopped off and got a couple new shirts to change into (that's a BIG plus of working directly across the street from a discount clothier...) at Century 21. I'm going to leave one here in case I have to do this again and need a shirt change. Doesn't hurt, right?


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