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These past few autumn weekends, there have been times in the morning or late afternoon that we have had the windows open at the kitchen table. Light, cool breezes whip the blinds about making a friendly "tack-tack... tack... tack tack". We are sitting at the kitchen table reading through our news feeds or looking up recipes for that evening's dinner.

It's around these quiet times of day when I hear familiar distant sounds that tug at my soul. These specific sounds are off the in the distance, so I cannot see what is making the sound, which further tugs on me. At each occurrence, I want to run to the office to post about these distant sounds.

These sounds always bring forth throngs of memories. Some sounds even remind me of smells, such as hanging out the laundry mid-afternoon or passing by barns where the smell pork curing sneaks onto the sidewalk. Other sounds make me want to book a trip somewhere or just get in my car for a spontaneous road trip! Most of the sounds remind me of my grandmother or my childhood.

Every time these sounds occur, we are sitting quietly in the house. I suppose at those moments of focus and stillness that my soul is most willing to listen. I'm probably most present in that stillness.

Each sound is unique. Each memory is unique. The season of the memory or place the sound takes me to is fairly distinct each time. I love those distant sounds.
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Tonight on the way up the Cape to Provincetown, we both saw  a very bright falling star off in the distance.  It was really romantical and stuff.  We both sent out our separate wishes, but I'm fairly certain they weren't too different.  :-)
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Well, after long last, I'm posting a little something. Haven't really been in the mood lately much, but here's something that's in the works.

Matt, me, and his sister's family are all heading to Europe for a couple of weeks this summer. We're all really looking forward to it, too! As I've written before, we've traveled with them before to L.A., Disney World/Land (3x), the Bahamas, and around NY / NJ. They're a fun bunch and we always have fun. Matt and I also find time to break a way a little for our own time together, too, which is important to the travel health of the bunch of us.

This trip will be interesting. Thanks to me and my big mouth, we're taking a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Ephesus and back for 11 days (we're getting off the boat in Naples). Before the cruise, I'm hoping that Matt and I can get to Barcelona for a few days. Once we get off the boat, we'll head to Peschici to spend a few days with Matt's and his sister's family for a few days on the beach - on the spur of the boot.

Here's a look at our cruise with the ports of call:

I haven't been to Europe in about 2 years, and am really looking forward to this trip! The ship looks beautiful and I really enjoy cruises. I also don't tend to gain a lot of weight on them because we're always on the go when we're at port.

Before that trip, though, we're already set for Bear Week 2011 in Provincetown, of course. It's our favorite vacation ever. This year, we're VERY excited that [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim and [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu are coming out for it, too! Really looking forward to spending a week with those wonderful men. BTW, who else is coming to Ptown for Bear Week?

Somehow with all this traveling, I feel like I'm playing hooky from my profession(s), but in the end, it's my life. In the end, if I have the time and the funds, I should use them. Goodness knows, I'm not getting any younger! Once in a while, I catch Matt and me looking back through all the pictures of the travel whirlwind that was 2008-2010. We're just extending it a bit.
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I found this story amidst a bunch of websites after finding a pendant I wanted to buy for my Renaissance costume. The story was interestingly touching - about the old West and friendships. My dad loves roses as did my mom. I compiled this story from a couple of different versions and sent it along with the photos to my dad this morning. Enjoy! (Oh, and I don't know who the ladies are in the photo underneath the rose... they took most of the pictures)


The Lady Banksia

Worlds largest rose bush is in Tombstone, AZ

The Rose Tree Museum houses the world's largest rose tree. The rose bush was planted in 1885 by a young Scottish bride, Mrs. Henry Gee. Soon after Mrs. Gee came to Tombstone, her family sent her a box of shrubs from Scotland. Several rooted shoots of the Lady Banksia Rose were in the box. Mrs. Gee gave one cutting to Mrs.Amelia Adamson, Mrs. Gee's close friend and former landlady. The two friends planted the little white rose in the patio behind the boarding house. Surprisingly, the delicate rose not only survived, but flourished. In more than 100 years, the rose has grown to over 8,000 square feet and is supported by a pipe trellis.

Every April, the Lady Banksia rose develops millions of white blossoms. When you step into the patio and arrived at the right time, the fragrance will envelope you. Even in the desert heat, it is cool and dark beneath the 8,000 square feet of rose. In the center of the patio, the massive trunk of the rose is reddish brown, gnarled, oddly lovely, and still vigorous after more than 100 years.


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