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Over heard today - so sweet:

Guy #1: "Have you ever heard of Prairie Home Companion?"
Guy #2: "No, what's that?"
Guy #1: "It's this radio show on NPR (National Public Radio) that airs on Saturday evening; reminds me of when I was a kid."
Guy #2: "Oh yeah?"
Guy #1: "Yeah, they have music and last weekend they had this really great band!"
Guy #2: "Oh yeah?"
Guy #1: "Yeah, and the band's going on tour."
Guy #2: "You don't say."
Guy #1: "I looked 'em up and they'll be heading to Britain first, though. But they were so good. This one girl played the crap out of her clarinet - like I've never heard it played before. So good!"

Background to this and why it's so sweet:

The Prairie Home Companion is a terribly nostalgic show. It makes me think of A Christmas Story: Kids in the pre-TV years used to hover around the radio with their parents to listen to the radio shows, Roosevelt's fireside chats, mini-dramas like War of the Worlds.  I did a self-study course in college on German radio plays from the 1960s and 1970s, which was really fun and interesting.

I just cannot for the life of me imagine someone playing the "crap out of her clarinet" before. What must that sound like?
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Matt and I have been listening to Sirius OutQ Radio for the past two months - almost non-stop - when we're working at our computers in the office. Before that, Matt's go-to radio shows on (previously only XM) satellite radio had been the Ron & Fez Show and the Opie & Anthony show. Those are hopelessly straight shows with heavy gay community acceptance and acknowledgements. We actually met Fez and Anthony once at a strip club (not sure if I've posted about this in the past, and I might need to revisit this for everyone...).

On OutQ Radio, we listen to the Derek & Romaine show, the Michelangelo Signorile show, and the Frank DeCaro Show (with Doria - BORING woman). All of these are great, but we tend to laugh most at the D&R Show. I've taken to calling into the shows from time to time on various topics and happily, what I have to say sparks a LOT of conversation from the hosts as well as other callers. Always fun. We also record the show when I'm calling in out of vanity because I get to hear how my voice sounds on the radio.

On the D&R Show, they have a segment called, Desperately Fucking Angry. Callers get to express their anger on any topic at all and D&R respond, feed off the comments, or get into a fun and/or interesting banter with the caller. We just heard about a number on the Opie & Anthony Show on XM/Sirius called the F-U Line. If you just want to call in and tear someone a new asshole, just call the F-U LINE at: 1-866-FU-LINE-1. This is a number you can call and just rant if you want. It's anonymous and your rant might get on satellite radio!

Fun with satellite radio!


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