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Matthew dropped me off before parking his car to pick up the packages and the mail. After I got that all sorted, i got on the elevator, followed by a Korean couple, a Jewish retiree with a fabulous beach-themed necklace, and an Italian lady with an 8-pack of Stella Artois beers.

I said loudly, "Stella! Stella!"

The Italian lady smiled and said, "These are for my muthah. She loves them!"

I said, "Make sure every time she or you opens a bottle, you yell, 'Stella!'"

She said, "Why?"

To which I said, of course, "It's an homage to Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire!"

And she looked at me and replied, "Stella! I'm gonna look that up..."

"Exactly!" I replied exiting the box, noting that the rest of the occupants were giggling at this point.

And then, as I exited the elevator, I heard, "Stella!" from all corners of the box.

My day was complete.
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In the lobby earlier charging my phone, I kinda tired of hearing: "I saw that this house was picked up off its foundation and then moved a block down the road and then hit the neighbor's house!" Or "Yeah, ya know, listen... they keep picking up dead bodies!" Or "Edgewater is a complete disastah! I can't tell you how it looks! Trader Joe's? Oi, they're devastated!  Devastated!"


Did they not read or hear about the tsunami last year?  This highly pails in comparison.  At least Indian Point is still standing and suffered no ill effects from Sandy.  But I get it: THIS storm affected THEM or came this close (*showing an inch with my fingers*).


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