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I love to burp. I sometimes drink diet Pepsi really fast with deep gulps JUST so that I can make a goooood loooong burp. Thinking to myself yesterday at work, "Self, burps need more accolades and better treatment (outside of parties and home)." - even though they're essentially social pariah in most circles. I created a list of words, at least that express different essences and states of "The Burp"!

Burpage - noun; a person's presence of burp at a given moment, ex. "Your burpage tonight is quite exceptional."

Burpaphobia - noun; the fear of someone else's burp(s); aka "eructophobia".

Burpability - noun; someone's capability to burp, whether on command or with the assistance of a carbonated beverage

Anaburp - noun; the reverse burp

Burpwise - conj; a transition word and/or conjunctive adverb that initiates a burpage or burpability phrase; ex. "On a scale of high-medium-low, burpwise, I rate this meal high."

Burpacious - adj.; given to, inclined to, abounding in burpage or burpability

Burpation - noun; the state of burping; ex. "My burpation lately has been lasting longer than normal because, burpwise, I'm mixing carbonated drinks with acidic food without TUMS."

Burpness - noun; the essential quality of something (beverage, acidic meal, air, etc.) to cause burps; see also burpessence

Burply - adv; describing specifically an individual's phraseology that contains burps; ex. Finishing his last sip of diet ginger ale, Jack burply ordered another.

Burpate - adj; describing the burp state or quality of something; ex. "The burpate conversation suddenly took on a different tenet when air was no longer being burped."

Pteroburp - noun; a very rare burp stemming from the expeditious or overindulgent ingestation of fowl (turkey, chicken, squab, duck, etc.).

Burpessence - noun; the basic, real, and invariable nature of something causing burpation

Burpgate - noun; the constant denial during a social gathering of someone who is constantly burping, but no one can quite pin the burpage on them.

Burpalicious - adj; burpage or burpability that is exceptionally expressive or excessive; ex. "My, how that burpate Pepsi has made this evening burpalicious!"

Unburped - adj; the state of a burp not coming to the surface for full burpage.

Preburp - noun; the phase or period that an individual can sense that a burp is imminent

Please let me know if I've missed any! Thanks!!
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My dad sent me a picture of a Sweet-N-Low package and I thought he was sending multiple warnings and "doom and gloom" statements, as he normally does; alas, when I first responded to his note, it was as though he was promoting falsified sensationlism. Glad to say that wasn't the case.

Since saccharin was commercialized in the late 1800s (that's 135 years ago -->
saccharin was first discovered in 1878), no one human has ever died from using saccharin. The lab rat/mice tests in the 70s that created the sensationalized cancer scare were from the development of rodent bladder cancer due, a reaction that only occurs in rodents and not in humans. So, in 2000, the warnings were removed.
However, Nutrasweet or Equal in the blue packets (aspartame) is most absolutely a neuro-toxin; it was originally discovered while scientists were inventing a new anti-ulcer drug and has been the subject of many scientific and nutritional studies. There are distinct warnings on the package because people with phenylketonuria (PKU) - it can kill you.  If such a small thing can definitely kill people, I choose not to ingest it as much as possible. Thing is, that crap is everywhere.
Now, Splenda (sucralose) has been around for at least 20 years, but hasn't gone through nearly as many ringers as saccharin or aspartame, yet.  Sucralose is basically bleached sugar; the process of making sucralose removes the nutritive values of sugar and leaves the sweetness.
Erythritol, Lactitol, Isomalt, Mannitol, Maltitol, Sorbitol, and Xylitol are all different non-nutritive sweeteners that have been used in no-sugar, diabetic sweets for years. Collectively, they've been used in products for diabetics for probably 30+ years.
Stevia was deemed only an herbal supplement for years because the non-nutritive sweetener industries lobbied against its promotion as a low-calorie sweetener. Thankfully, those lobbies have finally lost and it's on the market in better forms.
So, if you don't want to use saccharin, please just don't use aspartame. There are LOTS and LOTS of other, better choices. Read up, educate yourself, and don't believe hype.

Oy! Gewalt!

Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:30 pm
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I just inadvertently kinda freaked out a Jewish man in my building.  I'm sitting in the lobby charging a jumper battery for our phones. To keep myself amused, I was taking some pictures of the carp fish in the lobby.


An older Jewish man over my shoulder said "What are you doing?" in Yiddish (which has its roots in German, of course).


My knee jerk reaction? I answered him in English... "Just taking some pictures... oh, sorry you were speaking to your friend..."


He kinda got this big hopeful smile on his face, "You speak Yiddish?"


"No, I just understand it."


Then he turned to his friend to explain that I had understood what he'd said and that I speak Yiddish.


But I don't... :-)

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While it wasn't Broadway, a movie, a TV show or a commercial, it will apparently be a short film, festival piece, or festival submission.  This was my first "cold read" ever. I had no copy of the script. When I arrived, there were no copies of the script. When the guy walked out of the room - The Red Room (and, well, it was behind a red door) - and did a double-take at me, THAT's when I got a copy of three pages of the script. And I got to size up my competition right then - about the same build but looked a little doughier, different features, and didn't look quite as professional (IMHO). Not sure if that matters anyway. What does matter is that THAT guy had received the whole script like two days earlier via email. I got an email response for the audition, but no attachment. They had that guy run through the full script - 10 minutes or so - twice.

It was an interesting experience and I look forward to more of these. Matt gets the information from Craigslist and other places and goes. He's got some parts in upcoming festival pieces already!  There was a part that he really wanted to audition for last week, but he was just too sick to go, which was unfortunate. But, there will be more.

I had to read through the ethereal, surreal script twice. It's basically a 3-person script; my part was the support actor to the lead.  One read-through was with the first reader, who looked a lot like Zach Braff.  The second read-through was with the other selected opposite to my role. That guy - long, brown, curly hair, smelled faintly that he'd gone through a day - a little street-worn, yet actually wasn't all that hard on the eyes.  Both of these guys were very thin. The second guy seemed to understand his role better.

The great thing is, during the entire experience, I didn't have time to get nervous at all. My life doesn't depend on any level of acting or gigs. All that sort of weight is lifted off my shoulders already. It felt good to be there going through the process of learning lines off the page enough to emote something. THAT was cool.

Oh, and here's my head shot I'm using (Matt made it slightly more "head shot worthy"):
Steve Head Shot

Edits: Changed "art films" to festival piece and/or festival film, since the directors will be submitting these pieces to festivals. Also, "art films" tend to be code for porn, which these are not.
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Be aware that there are bots comments on LJ ... AND emails to your profile on LinkenIn, in case you have a profile there.  Here's an email from a "Sharon jamallove" to my LinkedIn account:


Sharon jamallove has sent you a message.

Date: 12/24/2011

Subject: My dearest,

My dearest,
With hope this mail will get you at your good health.I am pleased to write to have a good relationship with you.
My name is Miss Sharon ,good looking,sincere and honest young girl.I need a sincere and honest friend that will lead to a long lasting relationship.I am hoping for kind your response if i interest you,so we can share pictures and know ourselves more.I will send my picture when i hear from you,i wish to have yours too.
you can contact me with my private email (sharonjamallove@blechblechblechblech.com) or send me
Your email id for more introduction
Yours sincere friend,
Sharon Jamal


I think that I would like to meet the person - in a public setting with together with friends - who responds to this note and follows up with Sharon.  I would like to see that person, ask them a few questions... and then leave. Quickly.

Oh, in case you happen to be one of "those people" who are easily duped by emails such as the one above, my advice would be not to respond to them.  (My public posts get cross-posted to FB, so there's every possibility that someone else outside of the LJ realm would read this and be helped!)
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It was surprising to discover that Amazon.com doesn't have "partner" or "domestic partner" as an option to select from their "Relationship" drop-down box in their Gift Organizer. Granted, they might have their headquarters in a state that allows same-sex marriage; there's also the philosophy of "Be the change you want to happen," as pointed out by my partner.

Still, I'm sending Amazon a note today to encourage them to add that option to the drop-down list. The gender drop-down already exists, so "husband" or "wife" isn't necessary. And, gay or not, it's an important distinction as even straight folks can have domestic partnership without getting married and being "husband" or "wife" to the other. :-)

(pssst... the title of this post implies that I have a beef with Amazon and a bone to pick with them...)
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I just pulled off my glasses to read something really small. Either my glasses aren't cutting it anymore, or I might need to start considering bifocals. That's disconcerting for sure! I've only seen folks (like my dad) who're much older than me doing that. For some reason, I had previously deemed myself immune to that "tell" of aging. Guess I'm not immune. Ho hum.

When I started going a little gray here and there, even finding a couple of gray strands on my chest or shoulders, I thought, "Embrace your gray! You've earned them!" Somehow myopic reversal or distortion doesn't seem to get categorized into that same vehement exclamation to myself.

Trip Prep

Jul. 27th, 2010 07:08 pm
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Next week, we're heading to L.A. for six (6) days. In preparation for every trip we take, we do research on the area for events, restaurants, sights, history, etc. I'd never done that much research into L.A. before because everyone tends to know the big things: Hollywood, Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive), Disneyland, Santa Monica, Malibu, Sunset Blvd., and even Ventura Blvd for America fans. There are many other places I'm sure I could mention, but those areas for the most part are the "go-to" places.

Plus, I've been to L.A. probably 10 times since I was 4 years old. The primary reason for trips out there was eventually work, but started off because of family; I have an uncle and cousins out there north of L.A. in the Santa Clarita Valley - beautiful area and many stars live up there. Sadly, we're not in touch with those relatives much, so we most likely won't make it up there to see them. Guaranteed, if they were in the NYC area, they wouldn't look ME up, so what's the point?

The last time I was in L.A. was for work when I was with a software company. It was a really good trip and I enjoyed every minute of it - yes, even the work because it had become second nature. This time around, it'll be a little different because Matt's never been to L.A. or southern California. In fact, neither has his sister, who worked in the TV industry all her professional life. She's never even been to the West Coast!! So, this'll all be new for her, too. It'll be exciting to see their excitement.

During my research, I remembered that there are islands off the coast of L.A. There are more than 8, but there are about 8-10 prominent ones. I started looking at them on Google maps and then looking for pictures and Wikis of them. Sure enough, there's a TON of information about them. The group is called the Channel Islands, and there's a whole Wikipedia entry on the Islands of California. Makes them sound exotic, right?

A few of them are inhabited - the westernmost city of LA County is Avalon, which is on one of the islands. For the better part of a century, various Californians have tried unsuccessfully and successfully to build up Avalon as a tourist destination with resorts and marinas - even a casino.

The other islands are populated by overseers of the natural resource area or national park. One or two of the islands are allocated for US Navy operations. One island that is 83 square miles has 2 permanent residents on it. Wonder what it takes to be one of those residents. Is it punishment or reward?

Outside of the hubbub of a city like LA, I find it interesting that there are places so quiet, desolate, or removed, that even though they're part of LA County, they're worlds apart from what everyone sees on TV.

I'll be posting more updates of things we might be doing in L.A. Top of our list, however, is to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim and [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu!! That'll definitely be a highlight of our trip!!

I'm phobic

Jul. 26th, 2010 01:09 am
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I've recently discovered that I'm anatidaephobic.

For no apparent reason, I think they're everywhere...

They keep looking at me and watching. I just know it!

(btw, this is totally a joke; I just like saying, "anatidaephobic".


Oct. 25th, 2008 01:41 am
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I think we could all benefit from a little bit of this.
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My sister just sent across this search engine we'd never heard of before:


It's a combo of Google, Yahoo, and MSN all together - so you're using three different search engines simultaneously. Thought I'd pass it along.

This is very similar to:


but the interface is better on http://www.iknowall.com./, especially if you have a very wide screen.


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