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Who looks in their spam folder anymore? It's spam. I think I peer into any of mine because I'm looking for a note from a friend who's never sent me an email. More often than not, though, those kinds of communications never land in my spam for some reason anyway. So, I rarely if ever check it.

Today, however, on a whim, I did. There's spam about adverts and the typical "Win an iPAD!" crap.  Today's spam of note was this one from a "lonely Russian".  It was a really, really creepy note written in really poor English.

I have to wonder: how many people nowadays really, truly respond to these emails anymore? Who responds specifically to the Nigerian princesses who have "one billion pounds" for someone to acquire as a result of responding with their social security number in the reply? My thought is quite a few: Wouldn't the originators stop sending them around - eventually - if such emails never garnered responses?  I think they send out the spam in the hopes of getting at least email addresses in order to send other spamming things with links to websites that inflict viruses, trojans, and worms.

The sad thing is, there are lots and lots of lonely people out there who, against their better judgement and lack of exposure, or based on the simple human desire to connect, will respond to these things. The catastrophes that could possibly ensue are numerous and most of these people will unwittingly invite an electronic vampire into their homes.
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I just changed my settings on Twitter NOT to post my tweets to LiveJournal. I hate the format, the re-tweets are impersonal, and just, well. Ugh. It's all too much.

BUT, my LJ posts do go to Twitter!  So, yay that.  (<-- saying that makes me think of [livejournal.com profile] dendren).  :-)

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Be aware that there are bots comments on LJ ... AND emails to your profile on LinkenIn, in case you have a profile there.  Here's an email from a "Sharon jamallove" to my LinkedIn account:


Sharon jamallove has sent you a message.

Date: 12/24/2011

Subject: My dearest,

My dearest,
With hope this mail will get you at your good health.I am pleased to write to have a good relationship with you.
My name is Miss Sharon ,good looking,sincere and honest young girl.I need a sincere and honest friend that will lead to a long lasting relationship.I am hoping for kind your response if i interest you,so we can share pictures and know ourselves more.I will send my picture when i hear from you,i wish to have yours too.
you can contact me with my private email (sharonjamallove@blechblechblechblech.com) or send me
Your email id for more introduction
Yours sincere friend,
Sharon Jamal


I think that I would like to meet the person - in a public setting with together with friends - who responds to this note and follows up with Sharon.  I would like to see that person, ask them a few questions... and then leave. Quickly.

Oh, in case you happen to be one of "those people" who are easily duped by emails such as the one above, my advice would be not to respond to them.  (My public posts get cross-posted to FB, so there's every possibility that someone else outside of the LJ realm would read this and be helped!)
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Since [livejournal.com profile] martini_tim, [livejournal.com profile] bigsabu, and I began talking online with Skype earlier this year (prior to their trip to NYC and Bear Week), my computer has been just turning off willy-nilly. We discovered along the way that my CPU was overheating - to temps of 200 degrees F and higher, at which point the computer - to save the CPU - just turns off. There's no blue screen or any warning screen; it just turns off. Today we purchased a no-maintenance, internal "radiator" or "air conditioner" for my CPU, which will arrive on Tuesday.

This morning, I tried taking off the side cover and pointing a Blizzard desk fan at the inside. So far, my machine hasn't turned off in the last two hours (I'm wincing as I type this), but there's no guarantee that when I put the side cover back on it, it won't overheat again without the internal radiator. For the i7 Quad Core processors like we have, this seems to be a common problem. I'm also running the 64-bit Window 7 OS, which is able to use all my 6GB of memory!! Yes, my Photoshop SCREAMS! :-) At least it screams until the whole machine shuts off. :-(

Thing is, there are already four fans in my chassis: One on the back, one on the side, one on top of the CPU, and one built into the video card. The little Blizzard blows into the back, as well! The first time we installed the fourth fan in the back, the temperature reduced to below 174 degrees F, which was acceptable. But now, with Picasa indexing my photos (including the 11.5K+ that we accumulated during our month in Europe, my CPU is working really hard. I've also noticed that when I have a website open displaying multiple adverts that the CPU cores are working much harder as well. If I keep the cores working at a low level across the board, the temp might not rise too high.

But, I cannot wait to install my new mini radiator for my computer. I'll post a review once it's been installed and working for about a month or so.
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Fallout New Vegas (the original lore extracted from the creative mind of one Tim Cain) has been sucking my time (60+ hours) for the last 8-10 days. I hear the music in my dreams and, now, judge everything I see by its damage points and damage-per-second points, as well as value and weight. All food to me now, carries some level of radiation. IT.IS.A.FUN.GAME!! However, as Matt has astutely and frequently pointed out this last week, the game play REALLY feeds into my OCD and my acceptable forms of hoarding.

As of today, I can safely say that I have seen or experienced probably 4/5ths of things you see in this trailer:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Nightkins to manipulate into taking out some Followers of the Apocalypse. CYA!
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Today had a happy ending! Matthew bought me a beautiful, leather, comfortable, matching manager's chair for my office desk. He wanted me to have a really nice chair to replace the 10-yr-old one I had thrown away last month and the cheap replacement that broke quickly, over the course of 2 months. The most recent one was cheaply built and not sturdy. The plastic had been breaking on the arm rests whenever I put the slightest pressure on the back of the chair. Matt has the same chair as the one that broke and I'm trying to talk him into getting this one he bought for me today before the sides of his starts breaking.

Here's a picture of it. It's wonderful!! And, it was on sale!! Even better! I love my husband. I don't think I write that often enough.

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Today, we were all ready to leave by about noon, had our breakfast, were packed, and were getting ready to shower to leave for DC. At our computers, we heard the UPS made a short BEEP! and everything shut down. Today. Right now. Shut down. UUUUUGGGGH!!!! ARRRRRRRRGH!!

APC has good products, but after and hour with tech support, the front line and sr. tech support folks said, "Seems like a power surge in the building killed the battery." Um, the device is a battery back up with a SURGE PROTECTOR and voltage controller. So, the thing the equipment is protecting our systems from destruction is the thing that killed the battery??? WTF?!

We unplugged and plugged in the thing about 19 times for tech support. Pressed every button on the device about 41 times, took out the innards about 15 times and plugged/unplugged/plugged in all this stuff to the battery pack inside another 23 times (I think). Oh, and we talked to about 3 tech support folks, the last of whom had to transfer Matthew to another person for confirmation of sending us the replacement battery that goes inside, which will take 3-5 business days. WOW!

NOW, if we were fully running a business, how could we wait 3-5 business days for a replacement of a part in their device that was faulty? For something that their product was supposed to be able to handle? The service industry in the US are getting worse every day - and in such a bad economy, tech support, customer service, and training are typically the first folks to get whacked from a company. Strangely, tech support and customer service are also the face of the company for most consumers leading to fewer products leaving the factory if consumers can't talk to someone to get help; they'll look elsewhere for similar or worse products because the other company has better tech support or customer service. This means the company's revenue will go down, and they'll have to lay off more folks and kill good products. Sad.

Back story: When things like this happen, Matt cannot leave until something to fix these situations is underway. That's cool and I understand that completely. I'm on board with it and support it entirely.

BUT, we have places to go and people to see! We have to be in DC by 6:30 for Happy Hour! We have to make it to DC sooner than later. We were supposed to leave around 11:30, 1:30 at the latest, but won't be getting away now till about 3:30 now. UGH! So, we'll be late for Happy Hour. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] slothel!!! Hopefully, we'll make it to be happy within the right hour.


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