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The other day while I was shopping at this clothier, a good-looking, well-built Italian guy looked me over. I thought from the way he was looking at me – very intensely with interest in his eyes – that he was kind of hitting on me. I nodded and went on about looking through the ties, but kept an eye on him. I thought, “Oh, he’s looking at my pink paisley tie. Hmm… Wonder if he likes it.”

He kept looking at me, up and down, trying to catch my eye again, so I finally said, “Hey. How’s it going?”

He nodded, said, “Good, thanks, You?” and gave me a very nice, handsome smile, and even blushed a little – maybe cuz I spoke to him and was a bit bigger with a deep voice. Don’t know.

Just then his girlfriend, wife, significant other, or just his female friend helping him shop approached from out of nowhere and asked, “Excuse me, I know you don’t work here, but could I ask you a question?”

I said, “Sure! Shoot!”

“We’re going to a wedding. As guests; we’re not getting married. Do you think this suit is a good look for him? Does it fit?”  (yes, that was two questions, but not bothered…)

The single-breasted, 2-button suit was black with medium white pinstripes. Noticeable pinstripes, but not overpowering.  I replied, “Well, it’s interesting and looks like something you’d wear to a more formal occasion, like a wedding, sure; not for an interview.  What are you going for? Is this a black tie affair, or just a normal wedding with friends and family?”

“Normal wedding. No black tie, but do you think a black tie would go good with this?” she countered. “We’re wanting a sort of retro look.”

These simple questions and the guy’s ultimately sheepish and accepting attitude told me everything I needed to know: They needed a gay.

I got the guy to try on the jacket, which was too long overall, but fit on the shoulders just fine. I had him hug her saying, “Pretend like you like her and give her a hug.”

He gave her one of the most uncomfortable, unnatural hugs I’ve ever seen in person! All the while, both of them were looking at me for some sort of approval and no smiles.  The hug was a reality-TV-unapologetic-apology uncomfortable hug. Oh, and they never explained their relationship to one another – even after that uncomfortable hug!  It’s truly immaterial, I realize, but I observe these things and take note out of socio-psychological interest.  Maybe she wasn’t really his girlfriend at all and I made them do something they really didn’t want to do. Or maybe she HAD been his girlfriend and they were obligated to go to this wedding as a couple because they’d replied with the other as the “plus one” before they broke up. And this wedding was the last thing they were going to do together as a couple and he had needed her help to get a suit and she was the only one he trusted to make him look good. Or… Meh! Who cares? The hug just seemed really uncomfortable and unnatural.

The shirts they were looking at were too big for his neck and too long for his sleeves.  So, I found a nice white black pinstripe shirt that fit him better, a black/white Ben Sherman skinny tie that was a very fine, retro-looking criss-cross, and black braces – with clamps so that he didn’t need brace buttons sewn into his pants.  I instructed them to find a similar suit in a short size rather than regular (the guy was about 5’8”). 

I must say, the outfit looked really good. I would have worn it!  I forgot to mention black dress shoes, but I did tell the guy, “NEVER wear those braces with belt. Braces and belts serve the same purpose, so look silly worn together on the same outfit; it’s one or the other and the braces will look really much better than a belt. Plus, if you’re ‘between’ sizes as you say, braces will help you avoid alterations for now.”

They thanked me and we parted to go on about our business. The guy kept looking at me, smiling, and nodding even after they were on the other side of the area, so I’m still uncertain what his and their story was.  In the end, it’s unimportant. Plus, this exchange was just getting a tad creepy at that point.

Just then, someone else, another woman, rounded the corner and asked me whether “that shirt (pointing) went with this tie”. I asked a couple of questions, offered some suggestions, and escaped the store with just a couple of purchases.

The next day, as Matthew and I were driving home, we stopped there again because two shirts I had seen the previous day had been on my mind all day long. I had to get them.  I found about three other shirts, too, that I hoped would be there in my size. The evening before, I just had to leave quickly after spending too much time helping other people.

But, just as Matthew and I were finishing our shirt selections, a divorced mother of two approached us and pleaded, “Excuse me, I know you don’t work here, but could I ask you a question?”

She was looking for a suit for her 13-yr-old son’s picture day at school, and eventually his confirmation in the spring of 2014. It seemed that the kid hadn’t been too cooperative with his mother or helping her out at all. She, too, needed a gay.

We took her and the kid, Justin, over to the suits section he needed (42S). Her budget was around $150 – for the entire outfit: suit, shirt, tie, and alterations (which she had forgotten about). In her hand, she already had about $200 worth of clothes without a shirt and tie! 

We gingerly took them out of her grasp. Matthew said, “Honey, I’ll go get a cart for our stuff; you go and do like you do. Help these people.”  He looked at her and said, “He’s really good; listen to him!”

I started showing her some suits – on her son – and gave them both lots of suggestions about fabric, designers, wear, clothing etiquette, and style. In the end, the entire outfit we picked for her was – tops - $125, leaving her with a $10 pants cuff (so they can let them out if he grows in the next year or two) to organize with her local dry cleaners. His new outfit was still under her budget and they could get dinner at a diner together!  Very happy all around. It was a smart, solid medium gray suit, white dress shirt (you can NEVER have enough white dress shirts!), and a gray/white/purple striped Ben Sherman tie.  The kid likes purple a LOT.

She thanked us so heartily and gave me a 10% coupon she had in her purse. She insisted she had another one in her car (her son went out to get it) and left us looking like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  The kid seemed very excited about his clothes, too, which was a huge change from when we first met him.

Matthew and I returned to the tie area and were starting to go to the home goods section, when another woman approached me and asked about her husband’s shirt size. Her husband wasn’t with her. UGH!!  I said, “Men’s clothes are complicated, huh?” 

I helped her and gave her some suggestions.  She nodded impishly and shrugged her shoulders, “Yes! I didn’t know where to start and you really helped!” 

I said, “Glad to help! Bring your husband next time, so you can make sure you get the right stuff for him.”

Then I told Matthew we HAD to leave that area. Otherwise, we would have been spending our entire evening helping clueless shoppers!!  We went over to the home goods section and had some fun with stuff and checked out. When I used the lady’s coupon, the discount came up for about $4.50 – the price of a nice cup of Starbucks!  Not all the things I had picked out were part of the discount that the coupon covered. Nonetheless, it was a sweet gesture and every bit of savings helps, right?

Matthew and I did our good deeds for the week. He also suggested that the next time I plan to go to that store that I bring my tape measure. Tee hee!
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We typically go through our clothes about once a year and thin things out in preparation for the following year's clothing debauchery. However, we didn't really do that this past year, even though we had the time. Granted, about a month ago, I took about 6 sweaters I hadn't worn in over two years to GoodWill (for the tax write-off), but that's so clearly not enough!!

This past weekend, Matt and I put all this new furniture together that we had been ordering for the last couple of months. Finally, all the pieces arrived ON FRIDAY - all together over the course of the day! We got:
  • New bar furniture in the kitchen
  • New shelving for Matt's bathroom
  • A 2-door armoire for the dressing area for a linen closet
  • A 3-door armoire for the bedroom as both a shoe solution and new shelves for me
Everything worked out wonderfully and it all looks great.  The only problem was the amount of stuff I have: We were under the impression and driven by the hope that many of my clothing/shoes storage issues would be solved by my 3-door armoire. As I was moving my clothes out of the previous armoire onto the bed, I noticed that I was in trouble; there wasn't going to be enough room for it all in the new armoire! I have too many pairs of jeans and WAY too many t-shirts and shorts.

[livejournal.com profile] spikejrt's post this morning reminded me that I need to go through and thin things out a bit, but his post mentioned something else: Not buying any new clothes for a year.  I like that thought; I don't need new clothes. If we were able not to buy any new clothes for a year (not a New Year's resolution by any stretch), we would certainly be able to extract things that we don't wear in a given year more readily. PLUS, it would force us to use the clothes we have.

I made a promise to myself, with Matt's prodding, that for every visit to DSW with the intention of buying a new pair of shoes, I would have to get rid of three pairs at home.  I was good about that and actually did it about four times.  Then, this past summer, I stumbled across an amazing sale at the Kenneth Cole outlet in Upstate NY. I walked out of there with 7 new pairs of designer shoes for about $120. In retrospect, it would have been smart of me simply to buy a whole bunch of the shoes and donate them directly to charity without thinking about it, but that didn't happen. Instead, the other 2/3s of the new 3-door armoire that was supposed to be my end-all-be-all shoe storage solution isn't what it was supposed to be - fully.  Ho hum.  I'll have to dive in there and get rid of more... and then NOT BUY ANY.

Anyone need a new wardrobe with size 12 shoes?  Photo uploads aren't working properly today or else I would have posted some pictures. So, those will have to wait till later. 
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I sort of had to get into the meme action because it's timely and historical - and HYSTERICAL! I picked up the hat at a sample sale in SOHO and had to show it off. Enjoy!
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Matthew and I have been on a search to find out some of the political and religious slants of Overstock.com. They are an online powerhouse. Though we have purchased things from them in the past, we haven't bought anything from them after realizing that they're based in Utah, home of the Mormon church (The Church of "Jesus Christ" of Latter Day Saints).

We've done searches on the SF Gate database for companies and employees of companies contributed money to the campaigns supporting and opposing California's Proposition 8. Here are the names of the three people on record as working for Overstock.com who helped fund Prop 8. Notice that they weren't afraid of entering their employer on the information; i.e. they didn't stand on their own, but mentioned their employer.

Prop 8, for those who aren't familiar, is the proposition in California a couple of years ago that banned same-sex marriages, although for a short period of time, same-sex marriages in CA were legal. Basically, Prop 8 allowed people to vote to discriminate and deny people their civil rights, which they already had.

Here's an email that Matthew sent them last night and their response:

Matthew: "Is Overstock.com a predominately, Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints owned and operated company? I know that it is a public corporation - but what about the leadership and the board?"

Overstock: "Hello Matthew, Thank you for contacting Overstock.com regarding weather we are a predominately, Morman (spelled wrong!! and they're in Utah!) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints owned and operated company. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you today. Let me reassure you that we are a diverse company, we are not predominately Morman. Overstock.com does not sponsor, support, or endorse the views and opinions of any political party, organization, personality, or issue. We simply provide a great selection of quality merchandise at deep discounts. It is our desire to allow vendors the opportunity to display items on our site that provide discounted products for the benefit of all our customers. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance on this or any other issue. I hope you will visit us soon for great savings on name-brand products. Sincerely, Lance H.
Customer Care

Questions to everyone reading this:

1) Is Overstock.com a Mormon company?

2) Would you buy things from Overstock.com, knowing that at least 3 employees proudly sent in almost $600 toward a hate-driven proposition denying people their civil right and reversing a law?

3) How many companies have you ever boycotted for less? (We boycotted Whole Foods for about 6-9 months because of the CFO's statements against health care reform, and Sonoma County - wine - because of the County's harsh and illegal treatment of the elderly gay couple in nursing homes)

4) What impact does boycotting have ultimately in your opinion?
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Some friends of ours and we considered heading to Woodbury Common in Harriman, NY, to do a little shopping. Matt asked if the outlet center has a webcam, which I researched and couldn't find. So, I called a couple of places: The Eddie Bauer Outlet and the Rochester Big & Tall Outlet store. Both of them told me (at noon) that if I wasn't getting to the center before 2:00 PM, to forget it.

The outlet center employees (ALL STORES) were being bused in from 5 miles away where they had to park over the holiday weekend. One guy over the phone told me that yesterday (Sunday) there had been recurring announcements that "if you don't need to leave for the next hour, don't; there's a 45-minute wait to GET OUT OF THE PARKING LOT."

So, we decided against that option today and went to Century 21, which was FABULOUS! I got three pairs of shorts, 6 pairs of amazing dress socks, a straw hat, two boxer briefs (Lucky Brand), and about 10 t-shirts for Ptown. Amazing shopping today.

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Here are some pictures from Fashion Forward last night in Manhattan - great time. This is a Bank of America-sponsored event in support of the GMHC. Tim Gunn hosted and there were a ton of designers in attendance. I got to take some pictures of them and talk at length with Suede, Malan, and Kevin (from Project Runway seasons). Great time with my husband and my best friend. Check out the photos (Disney photos are almost ready for distribution, btw.).
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Had fun at the Renaissance Faire - so much so that I let Matt buy me another birthday gift - pictured below. This is something I've wanted to get for a LONG time and finally found the sizes and the colors I wanted. It wasn't cheap, but the whole outfit is certainly very well made. Handmade in fact in New York. Very fun day indeed.

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How does one look at and consider flip-flops a good option of footwear in the city? Never understood that. Espcially for the office. Especially. Granted, sandals aren't bad, but flip+flops? One word: puddles. Another couple of words: garbage truck puddles...

That's all I'm sayin...


Jun. 3rd, 2008 08:12 am
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The bus is nice and icy but outside the air is very humid, muggy, heavy, and hot. Even though now that I've lost some weight (almost 70 pounds - yippeee!!), I still get baffled that people can wear suits comfortably in this heat and humidity. And I used to sell suits at a haberdasher (is that one or two "b"s?)!! Granted these last few weeks when I thought I'd swelter under the heat and clothes I was wearing, it was cool enough, but a WOOL suit?? Silk or linen I could probably do, but not that. Oh and those silly fur-topped boots that the girls are wearing these days... How could and why would a person put those on when it's 85 degrees and 95% humidity?? OMG HOT.
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Matt and I regularly get these ads for LeatherUp.com. Great site and we've purchased quite a few things from there, including our leather pants, which now don't fit (YAY and sad...). They're REALLY comfortable, but now they slide off us. Anyone interested in purchasing practically BRAND new leather pants - 44x30 or 42x32 sixes? They'll go cheaper than on the LeatherUp.com website! And they're already hemmed.

The only problem is now we wanna buy new leather pants and chaps. Here are some that I really like, but they don't have our sizes!!! UGH! They have bubba sizes, but not pseudo-svelt bear sizes...

Retro Brown Chaps

Normal Brown Chaps

Oh and here are some GREAT leather biker jackets - can you tell I like the brown ones? They're so different than all the rest and look cooler in my opinion - sold out, though!!

Eerie ride

Nov. 7th, 2007 06:19 pm
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It's exactly a week since we went to the Halloween Parade in Manhattan for the first time. If you didn't read my posts from last week, you'd see that I was more annoyed than scared by the people at the event.

Tonight, however, after finding some loverly winter gloves (lined with scrumptuous cashmere) at Century 21 (I mean, if you gotta look pretty, why spend a lot?), I took the PATH to Hoboken. I don't do this trip that often and other times it was still light out. But tonight, it was dark outside. People were moving slower. We pulled out of the station into the dark and dismal hole of the WTC.

I had not seen the scar from down there at night, in darkness until today, 6 years and almost 2 months from when the towers still stood above the tracks majestically, but were insidiously ripped from the New York skyline.

Each time I come into lower Manhattan via the PATH, I notice poignantly the quiet that befalls the business travelers and the reverance we all exude in the open grave of those whose lives were lost for no good reason. The oddly placed lights, heavy equipment working into the darkness, and plastic shrouding openings created an eerie ride. Eerier than the parade the week before.
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Last night Matt and I went to a mildly overrated fashion show for the GMHC of NYC ("mildly overrated" was actually Matt's term and it was so fitting...). It was lots of fun and seriously a NYC-Chelsea thing to do, although we're Jersey Boiz... but who knew? It was called Fashion Forward and Tim Gunn MC'd and hosted the show with about 5 designers, including a Perry Ellis designer, Rag & Bone, John Bartlett (all whom I met), and Andrew Buckler. Thing is, right at the front, there was a grey screen and a photographer. I immediately remembered carnivals where you pay for a pic of you and your arm-tow. Didn't care about spending $$ on something like that (we'd already spent enough $$ on the tickets for the show - to be VIPs and have a seat at the runway - it's what you do in support of the GMHC and fashion, and because we'd never be able to get tickets for Bryant Park!). So, we didn't go, although everyone seemed to be doing it. I thought that it was drumming up money for the cause, which is great, but had done my part. Matt apparently thought the same until I discovered and showed him that EVERYBODY'S PICTURES were online!! UGH! Well, there's always next year. And next time we know - at fashion shows, there's every possibility that you can have your picture online.
It wouldn't be quite as irritating normally except that my camera (with which we took all shots) wasn't set (since Halloween the night before) for red eye reduction. That meant that all my pictures came out blurry because the room was so dark. The pictures that people took of us were blurry. That utterly disappointed me cause we looked damn good! Both decked out in suits and ties (mine was brand-spankin new, too). We kept getting compliments from loads of people, which felt REALLY good, that we were the cutest and happiest couple at the function. That was nice to hear. So, it wasn't a total loss, but pictures can speak so many thousands of words, you know?
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Last night was my first Halloween Parade ever in the city. I must say it was a bit disappointing. The interesting parts were getting pissed at two stupid cops, I had two different confrontations with people on the street in two different lAnguages, the parking meters on 7th Ave weren't being monitored, and even though we got bad service at the restaurant later, the waiter ran out to give me my camera that I'd forgotten on the table,

The first irritating police officer was at the subway station. He told me I had to walk all the way around the block to get 5 feet away from where I came out of the station; within 5 feet of walking away from him and in plain sight of him, I walked across a different street and back to where we'd been standing within 5 seconds - I think that's why people get angry at cops - when they say things to provoke. The other irritating cop walked in front of us within 5 feet of his original spot the whole time at the parade - intentionally getting into almost each of our pictures! He even had a smirk on his face a couple of times!!

French people on vacation are VERY rude, but the Swiss on vacation are very pleasant. I met pleasant, friendly, annoying and downright rude people last night. But in the end I'm glad I went.

The parade is up above your head with lots of puppets and very few floats. That would have made it easy to photo except that my camera wasn't acting right and the batteries were dying. Plus with the cop in front of me the whole time and in every shot I took of costumes, after 30 minutes, I was done.

We went to dinner at Sevilla and it was very good. On the way home, Matt mentioned the event we're going to tonight to benefit GMHC of NYC with Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and a number of other NYC designers. Should be fun.
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Not as bad as it used to be and my old claustrophobia's seriously not raising its head, but in times past THIS particular seat woulda driven me bonkers. I'm in the far back corner of a narrow bus between two people with big sealed windows on either side of me.

But now I've got a new and happy problem, which ultimately is killing my years-long unanticipated claustrophobia: My old clothes that didn't fit soon after I bought them are now almost too loose!

The pants are these obnoxiously plaid pants from Jos A Banks with black, burgundy, brown, yellow, and grey. 100% wool, but cool. So exciting to have a new wardrobe, but sad that (even though they're all new things, essentially) I didn't have to go shopping for them all. Can't wait to lose another 20-30 lbs and HAVE to go shopping cuz I'll quite literally have clothes falling off me.
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It's a rude awakening to realize, as you're standing and peeing into a urinal, that your shirt matches the color of the urinal deodorant. Pink. Bright, pretty pink.
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The bus this morning wasn't that interesting except that I had to wait for 20 minutes for one only to stand for most of the ride. That is always a bit irritating (but I'm glad to have the dilemma) because all the way down the hill for about 15-20 minutes of the commute, I'm thinking, "Should I get off the bus and take the train or the ferry? Both will probably get me into work about 5-10 minutes earlier... It's only $9 on the ferry and about $5 on the train extra..." I can't decide why I face such indecision in the morning; maybe it's just that I want to get to work and not be bothered with decisions until my ass is planted at my desk.

One of my impeti for getting in early or just on time was that my day is comprised of back to back meetings ALL DAY. Better to get in, have my coffee, and settle in for those topics. Be that as it may, once a seat opened, the decision fell into my lap! Or rather, I fell into the seat.

It was a good thing that I was sitting a lot and even didn't get the faster train downtown, because ultimately I would have walked an extra 4 blocks. Typically, a good thing, this morning my shoes revealed that they wouldn't have taken much more of these NYC streets! Sitting in my third meeting (out of 5), I noticed something amiss with my right shoe and bent down to look at it. The sole was coming dislodged from the shoe! The "moulding" was coming apart and exposing the inside of my shoe and ultimately my bad sock selection for the day.

I was flummoxed! These were designer shoes and good quality at that. The designer (Kenneth Cole) lives and breaths NYC - in fact one of his lines is called "Kenneth Cole New York". So, these shoes, being of from my more favorite line - Reaction - should also not have worn out after 3 years or so - maybe 4, but still! These loafers are black with a cool silver buckle on the side and I pretty much wore them all the time.

Needless to say, I took advantage, again, of Century 21 across the street. I will have my general readership know that up to this point, I have been a good boy and well-behaved on account of having NY's best discount store DIRECTLY across from my office. I prance by it every day and do not glance into the rows and rows of designer clothes or deign to make any purchases because once I get started, it'll be hard to quit. I'll have us note that I have used that store solely and only when I am in desparate need of something and not for simply fleshing out my wardrobe any more. After all, I'm losing weight; it would be such a waste to have to buy more once the new stuff fits too big in the next few months, right?
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What was going on with yesterday in the collective consciousness yesterday? Specifically yesterday, there were tons of people wearing pink & black or pink & grey. Not necessarily people who work at the same company nor people who ride the same bus, but a combo and cross-section of both, which is interesting. The only reason it was quite evident to me yesterday is that I've seen these 2 color combos about 10 times on different people around me as well as on my own back. Plus, not only and I in particular wearing p&b but also carrying a grey bag; therefore, I'm a combo of both.
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Alton Brown is WEARING MY SHIRT! On the episode called Stew Romance, Alton Brown is wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt that I wear! How awesome is THAT? I love Alton and I love Tommy (Bahama, that is - as a designer only...). On TV tonight, I discovered the two entwined!
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I've decided that I like the way my dress shoes sound on wood floors. Clop! Clop! Clop-clop-clop! It's so satisfying to walk across the floors in my office building with dress shoes because they make that sound and echo through the foyer. The little space between the flooring and the actual cement floor beneath makes the sound powerful and strong. What's cool is the contrasting quiet of the carpet and then the intermittent "CLOP!" of my heels as they find the wood. You can actually hear the progression of someone walking through a lobby. There is almost an equal satisfaction of walking on tiled floors, as long as there is some space that allows for the desired "CLOP!" As strange as it might seem, I was actually kind of looking forward to how these dress shoes sounded on the wood and tiled floors of my office building while I was walking to work. Is that strange? Or do others feel the same way, but are afraid to talk about it - for fear that they'll seem strange?
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So, I decided that last night was to be the debut of my new rock-n-roll shoes in NYC! It was Pride Saturday after all, and we were headed into the city to meet up with friends - impromptu, I might add... we'd had absolutely NO plans to get into the city for this weekend. Pride NYC crept up on us, and all of a sudden people were calling us asking what we were doing for the weekend! "Uh-oh," I thought, "We're a domestic gay couple living in the suburbs of NYC and we have no plans for Gay Pride NYC!! Blasphemy!" So, we called a couple of people, texted a bit around, as well, and the night was afloat. We went to the Village first to get the evening going and make sure we had our hot posse. Then we took off to the after hours party at Element - the London XXL party for NYC Pride weekend. It started at 10, but we didn't make it there till about 1:30. The party went until 6:00 AM and we left at about 4:30, I guess. Had an absolute blast and my shoes were fabulous. I mean, look at them:

On top of that, my husband was dressed to kill in leather pants, a no-collar leather jacket and a white shirt. We were HOT, if I do say so myself. Unexpectedly very fun evening/night/morning in NYC. And, as [livejournal.com profile] peterpandanyc pointed out (incessantly for some reason), we were seeing dawn in NYC after a whole night of dancing, drinking, partying, and having fun.


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